The Game of of Montreal Part 1 (You've come to the right place, this is where you can download an entire brand new of Montreal show - Mp3 only)

Sorry about the wait, there was a computer mishap, a lot of repeat work, then blogspot went down, but it's just a flesh wound! To make it up and give stragglers a chance, Part 2 will be posted sometime after 12:01AM CST (1AM EST, 6AM GMT) Feb. 5, then every odd number day, i.e. Part 3 in the early morning of the 7th, etc. Again, this first one will be so easy you don't even have to leave this page. edit: Again, all of the mp3 links for this game should still work as long as they're good at fileden.com. If any of the mp3 links quit working, please contact me and I will try to fix it for you.

1) Go down to the post for Jan. 30 (Soundcheck Time). Carefully read the yellow paragraph. Use the clue to fill in the blanks:

This show will be torrented and shared all over in March without having to play a silly game, but so it's still downloadable for a while and to give newcomers a chance, I'm going to leave the mp3 files up at fileden.com, so they should be working for a while. You still have to go through the hoops to get the files, but really, it's like ten seconds out of your life and you may learn something about the band. If you want a FLAC lossless copy, you just missed your chance, but again, it'll be out there soon.

(All the great pics are from the next night in Lubbock, TX 1/22/07, courtesy Aaron Brown. Pitchfork's review of the San Antonio show with several top pics can be found here. And here's a sample to catch the aggregators eye... haven't heard Of Montreal like this, have you? Buy your concert ticket now before it's too late!!!)

If you have a high-speed internet connection, download the FLAC files, no need for that lossy stuff anymore... Convert to WAV (or AIFF in Mac) and burn strait to CD to have a good copy, then make mp3s for your computer off of that. Use this tool to convert FLAC files (and other lossless non-mp3 formats) it's easy, just drag them into the window and then select "decode audio file(s)". Use this one for Mac.


... by the way, Chuck D was so cool. He's as real as they come. No bullshit, no frontin. Firm, regular handshake. Excellent postponed MLK Day lecture, started off with some plain truth: intelligence is not being rewarded in this country... corrected fools who say Martin Luther King Jr was soft, and about the way it was in the sixties for him growing up as a kid, the enviroment in which King made a stand, something that especially because of his non-violent approach took more courage than most realize... about music, he said everything Snoop does kind of always sounds the same, "just pour a little Snoop on it"... when asked about what's new that he's listening to, he said he was currently too busy trying to find good stuff from the past right now... talked to the mostly student crowd about "education, not dumbassification", and they listened. You kind of have to, I mean, shit, he's Chuck D. Good to see him still trying to plug some truth into the information overload of corporations trying to make you so busy worrying about what you look like and what other people think that you can't even make up your own mind and become too busy to notice their sinister brainwashing techniques which start to creep up on you in ways that.. sorry, got a little carried away there, he's an inspirational man. Keep fightin the power, Chuck.

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