The Game of of Montreal Part 5

Haha, the Portland soundboard came out and y'all are stuck playing this stupid fucking game, hahahaha. Still, no OMM2 in the Portland show like there is in this part, and only one part to go, the encore on Tuesday. For this next part, newbies should get to know a bit more about the Elephant 6 collective that of Montreal is a part of. It's basically just a family of bands whose members help each other out and shift from band to band from time to time. The family includes (has included) of Montreal, the Apples In Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control, Dressy Bessy, Elf Power, and the Essex Green, and is generally considered to be centered in both Athens, GA (home of REM) and Denver. If you aren't familiar with all of these bands, get to hoppin'! Optical Atlas is a wonderful blog that covers the E6 scene, and should definitely be bookmarked by everybody. You can put it next to Funeral Pudding. There are mp3s, interviews, and all the latest E6-related news. Go there, and in the sidebar there is a list of interviews. Read the interview with BP Helium (guitarist, vocalist, ladies man, all-around nice guy, original member and now member again of of montreal). BP talks about performing a song in which he channels a Vietnam Vet. He says that Matt tells the story best of one particular performance at a benefit show where apparently BP got a bit too into his part.

The clue is the name of the organization which benefitted from that particular show.


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