A Tribute In Stereo

The E6 Townhall proudly presents a tribute to Robert Schneider and the Apples In Stereo...

"A Tribute In Stereo"

First, big thanks must be extended once again to Benjamin, AKA Grimey. A tribute was attempted previously on the Apples Townhall and failed and he simply had gotten excited about it and didn't want to see the idea die (that's all it takes to make good things happen, folks). And for good reason... apart from providing some of the sunniest music around today, Robert Schneider and all the Apples In Stereo are genuinely nice people. Schneider is hilarious, too, he gets so excited when he's on the radio that he talks like he's about to die from Red Bull OD. But in an era full of posturing, attitude, and unoriginality, his over-the-top enthusuasm for music deserves to be applauded. (clap, clap, clap, clap). Don't miss them on tour right now!

And the music on this tribute album is really, really, good, i was very surprised, much of it even somewhat pro-sounding, but to pay homage to one of the studio masters of our day, you gotta put a little effort into it. Also: sorry, no individual mp3s... it's an album, and will therefor be downloaded as such. Shouldn't be hard to figure out which one is my effort. I'll just repeat what I said before this release: there will be no doubt who in the Townhall has taken the most acid after this. "We still need your beat, head of Hillary!". There's some really nice art with it, too, and as a side note I know that the artist is currently working on a super-secret top-cool of Montreal site, and has plans to be a famous fabulous artist. So go ahead and print those covers up and do you up a good cd, and make a few copies for friends... and strangers. Here's the tracklisting... enjoy!

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