The Clash

''Everything's fucked! It's down to individual people to make life enjoyable. I don't have anything more to say than that. I think people should avoid the world fucking them up. People are becoming too uptight, treating their children bad, being negative.''

''I have a big legacy of The Clash to live up to and I don't intend to uriny on a legend. I intend to build forward into the next century. The music has to be by the musicians, and there's too much changing things by the record company. I got a message for everyone in a record company: We don't care if you lose your job! You ruin music and I'll get all the smoothers out off the way, the people who smooth the sound off. Let the musicians have the music the way they want it, and not the way you think the grandmothers and 3-year olds will gonna buy it. 'Cause this is not about 3-year olds or grandmothers... This is Rock and Roll!''

- Joe Strummer

A wealth of pics and info about their stay in Amsterdam here, including their DJ set, courtesy the excellent Black Market Clash fansite.

Here's a bonus - The Clash playing with Joe Ely (site), doing Ely's "Fingernails". This was the third to last show with Mick Jones, whose last gig with the Clash was the US Festival on May 28th.

The Clash w/ Joe Ely "Fingernails" (1983-05-22 Majestic Theater, San Antonio)

''Whether it's jazz or punk or anything else, you have to fight against the purists who want to narrow the definition. That's what kills music because it stifles it to death.''

-Joe Strummer (thanks Gabi)


Joggers show released - Dime contest - help Portland youth w/ classic rock!

The Joggers show I posted about earlier is out now (new songs). A few things had to be fixed before release, Yltfan and Thir13en don't fuck around with their sound! It is currently only available on DimeADozen, which is the premier bittorrent tracker site for live music. It is not easy to get an account there - akin to throwing hoops on bottles at the carnival: if you stand there and keep trying for a day or two eventually you'll get it. Bittorrent itself though is easy once you get the hang of it, hopefully music-lovers reading this already have it set-up (if not, look here). Basically this contest is for Joggers fans who already have BitTorrent set-up (or want to learn) but not an account at DimeADozen. I did the waiting for you and have one Dime account to give away - to the first person who emails me with the missing Joggers lyric:

"Peace is a bore, so little kings start little wars" edit: contest over, but keep trying at Dime. However, the Joggers show is now also available on Zomb, which has open registrations.

I saw the Joggers live twice last year - the first time a SXSW day show at a small little patio place. They did this next song, a cover of the Yes classic "Long Distance Runaround", pretty faithful to the original like this recording, but just smoked it live, so tight. The Joggers also recently had a version of Heart's "Magic Man" on their Myspace that I'm kicking myself for not grabbing, which also would have been an excellent choice for the comp "Bridging The Distance" from Portland's Arena Rock Records Company (whose roster has included Elf Power, Minus the Bear, and Superdrag... site says possible Superdrag reunion coming up). The proceeds from this compilation go directly to help p:ear, which helps and mentors homeless and transitional youths in the Portland area, and besides the great intentions you get a bevy of Portland bands offering you their own interpretations of classic rock tunes, including the Decemberists doing Fleetwood Mac, Blitzen Trapper doing their own Heart cover, the Dandy Warhols, Britt Daniel, Viva Voce, the Thermals, and these two gems:

So LISTEN: You and I both probably don't spend as much on music as we used to. Wouldn't you like to know the money you do spend is going to directly end up helping somebody? And no need to spend 16 bucks at Amazon, when the label itself is cutting out the middle man and offering it to you for 10 bucks! Alternately you could just spend some loose change at emusic or iTunes, too.

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