SXSW Recap + Giveaway

This post is long, and overdue, but I wanted to be thorough and include all the bands I saw. I missed most of Wednesday due to work, but packed in enough free shows Thurs.-Sun. to more than make up for it, although I am getting kind of old and took it easy in the evenings for the most part. I've finally gone through hundreds of pics (click on pictures below for larger image), and will include mp3s from each band below and hopefully a link to some of their live SXSW sets, since they did almost all give me free shows that made this weekend one of my most enjoyable ever. As usual, a list of live recordings from this event can be found at Largeheartedboy.

I kept it pretty safe and saw mostly bands I was somewhat familiar with, sometimes twice. I got to see the three original dudes from Upright Citizens Brigade twice, including my Wednesday night start at one of their ASSSCAT improv sets (the 10PM show) at the United States Art Authority, in which they did a sketch about a Hallmark card for me and my wife's sexual proclivities, which I openly divulged for free beer tickets. I don't have pics from that unfortunately, but they did announce an Asssscat show premiering later this month on Comedy Central, holy fucking fuck yeah! They have a new site which theyre touting, lots of videos, and which will no doubt be an invaluable waste of your future time:

We started off Thursday at the Bay Area Takeover party at Beauty Bar, which was packed, and the Beauty Bar guys said it was their best SXSW day party yet (until they saw the line trying to get into Rachel Ray's Saturday day party there). But seriously, this many quality Bay Area bands (for free!) is already show of the week most regular weeks in Austin, and serves to start my SXSW week off on a high note, starting with the hits-just-the-right-spots indie of SF-based Scrabbel. And I've got three Bay Area Takeover sampler CDs I'll send to the first three people who send me an email with their address. And again, larger resolution images can be seen by clicking on the photo


Film School

Von Iva

And in between those solid shows (and free beer and tamales) I snuck over to the Brooklyn Vegan party at Emo's to catch Parts And Labor, who were every bit as intense and kick-ass as I expected.

Parts & Labor

After leaving Beauty Bar we went to try and get into the Fader's/Levi's thing at The Fort. I had planned and RSVP'ed for a wristband, but so did a lot of other people, and after waiting about 45 minutes just to get the wristbands there was another line of several hundred people with wristbands waiting to get in. After going back up front and finding out it was at capacity and realizing we'd never get in, we left down the back alley, only to happen to run into Caleb from Seventeen Evergreen, who told me he wasn't even playing at all, he was just here to check out the bands, which was cool. It's probably tough to actually check out a lot of other things when you're on a schedule and have to lug equipment around. And then up ahead further we found a back gate, and a kind bouncer who was nice enough to let me and my wifeand another pair of guys in, just in time to catch Yo La Tengo doing three Lou Reed songs, starting with "She's My Best Friend", a nice light song that plays into YLT's strentghs, and then two more where Ira started to shred a little more.

Yo La Tengo

And then we started walking to Ms. Bea's, which is on 6th but on the other side of Highway 35... the other side of the tracks... where before recent gentrification efforts not many people strayed in the evening. My wife asked me twice:"on the other side of 35?" We spotted Jens Lekman and bothered him for a cheesy fan photo for which he graciously submitted. And then we found Ms. Bea's, just a couple blocks away, and which for an old south San Antonio boy like me felt a little like home, like a good ol' ice house, with people cooking meat out front and plenty of beers and soda on ice. Todd P Presents (a name I will look for in the future) put on parties here all weekend, and I genuinely felt as if I could have probably stayed there for my entire SXSW weekend and had a pretty damn good (and slightly less crowded) time.

First I saw Sunburned Hand of the Man, a smoking bluesy psychedelic electronic good time:

Sunburned Hand of the Man

And then a band I was sorely unfamiliar with beforehand, but whose name I had heard enough that I knew I needed to check them out: Athens, GA's Dark Meat. There must have been at least fifteen people playing in the band for this show. And as they set up and I scanned my eyes across the band, a face turned the lightbulb in my head on. It was The Late B.P. Helium (Bryan Poole) from of Montreal, playing backup guitar. But with the huge joyous cacophony of sound it was hard to pick him out mostly, what with three percussionists, a crapload of horns, violin, confetti-shooting lawn blower, etc. During the first song the power went out, and it happened twice, and each time the drummers and horn players kept the skeleton rhythm of the song going, and each time the power came back on and the electric instruments whooshed to life, it was a bit magical. I've heard the naysayers, and I will say appreciation for their album (soon to be re-released) is even easier after witnessing the spectacle of their live performance. Definitely catch them if you get the chance, ignore any naysayers, and maybe indulge your imbibements a bit more than normal, they get an extra pic for showmanship and including BP

Dark Meat

And with that we called it an evening. Friday was just as brilliant. I had mapped and planned out what to do with military precision, including where to park to have the shortest distance to the car to run over to the HHBTM / PIAPTK showcase party later that day. My wife and were joined by my good friend and we started off at the Austin studios where they record Austin City Limits for PBS, on the campus of the University of Texas. KEXP Seattle has been taking over the studio for the last few SXSWs and broadcasting the shows, and it is by far one of the best things to do at SXSW: get a chance to see the legendary ACL studios, see top notch bands with a great sound setup, in air conditioning, and there has always been more than enough seating for the free general public. Friday started off with the Breeders. Actually, it started off with us waiting for the elevator to the sixth floor studios, only to have the doors open on our floor and the elevator full of Breeders. I waved and said "Hi" in my best Kim Deal-style innocent drawl before the doors closed and it was a good laugh. Even better was my first chance to finally see the Breeders, having been a big fan for a long, long time. In fact, the KEXP interviewer took us all back a bit I think when she announced that this year would be about twenty years for the Breeders. We old timers creaked back in our comfy chairs and cool AC and enjoyed a couple of the new Mountain Battles songs and "Cannonball":

The Breeders


edit: MP3S FOR THIS SET HERE If you go to the KEXP site, find the specific time the band played, you can enter it manually and listen to the strem from that time, unfortunately it appears they're not making it easier than that to listen to all the great SXSW sets they recorded. Then we headed over to try to catch Rogue Wave at the Noisepop showcase at Red eye Fly, but the line was too long. It always important to have a backup, and luckily at the time, the line across the street at the Mohawk for Friday's Hot Freaks III wasn't that long at all and quick, got in just in time to catch Austin's biggest current "it" band, White Denim, who kick so much fucking ass that just about any over-the-top superlatives wouldn't be enough to do them justice. Their live versions of songs are faster and more amped up, giving songs like "Let's Talk About It" even more thunder

White Denim

And funnily enough upon leaving, the line to get in had grown much longer and wasn't moving so much, no doubt caused by White Denim's loud soulful ruckus. We hurried back across I35 to Ms. Bea's for another chance to catch Parts & Labor, who somehow were even more kickass than I remembered from the day before, and deserve an extra picture since they have so completely won me over.

Parts & Labor

And then a couple of blocks away we caught Yo La Tengo again, this time at the free show on the lovely lawn and grounds of the French Legation Museum:

Yo La Tengo

And then headed to my car, triumphantly parked only about a block away, and sped uptown to the Weekend at Bernie's III Party sponsored by People In A Position To Know Records (Seattle) and Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records (Athens) and coproduced by Chris, AKA Lou2ser, who is definitely one of the top E6 collectors and historians. And let me throw a big shout out to some guys who really know how to throw a party: they were the only party I went to where the free booze truly flowed freely until the end. We caught a great set by the Besties, but were then saddened to here that THE band we most looked forward to seeing at all of SXSW had visa problems and most of the band were turned away about an hour away. It was to be Bearsuit's US premiere. I've seen them twice in the UK, including once opening for Hot Chip, and it was too funny when Iain admitted that at the time, he too had never heard of Hot Chip. But my wife had heard John Peel touting Bearsuit one night, and we've been in love with the band ever since, and, well, you can go to their myspace blog to hear them talk about it - but really. I am still really pissed about this. They were an official SXSW band, I can't believe the SXSW officials can't do a little more to work with immigration authorities to ensure the kind of major fuck up that happened to Bearsuit (and others) doesn't happen again, especially in Dallas, so close to finally getting here! and half the band is simply told to fuck off. I bet Lisa was wearing her fishnets. That was it, can't have dirty, sexy leg showing in our pure country, now can we? What did they prove?? Who did they protect??? What American was at risk of Bearsuit???? I know, maybe they were afraid Bearsuit would simply blow people's minds through metaphysical terroristic means! Agghhhhh!!!! Anyways, the Besties were great, wish I could have seen all the bands as this swell shindig

The Besties

And Furniture Records happened to be having their party just a few houses down from this one, and Jason Forrest was playing/DJing, so we ran over there for a bit. During my last stint on the radio in 2005, we got in Jason Forrest's last CD. I was unfamiliar with him before that, or his career as Donna Summer, but soon became familiar as I heard his cut-and-paste techno freakouts and collages. In the backyard before the show I saw Dan Friel of Parts & Labor, he said they weren't playing there, he was just there to check out music, so we headed into the house to do just that. It's weird watching a guy play a laptop when you can't tell what he's doing, but there were a couple of trip-ups which showed it was live, and the beat never really stopped. In the cleared living room space Jason Forrest stood before his PA and laptop (which looked like a pulpit) with a glowing colored Virgin Mary wall plaque behind him that was property of the house owners but completed the presence. He casually walked over before beginning his set and introduced himself to me since I was first in the room, and I told him about how much I like his last CD, including the song I mistakenly called "101 Punk Songs". He was too kind to correct me then, but during the set he said the correct title, "My 36 Favorite Punk Songs", before dedicating it to his "radio friend" and playing what he told us was the song's premiere. It is simply 36 punk songs cut and pasted together. And because when he started off his set asking for nudity I was the only one who evened unbuttoned my shirt, he came right for me when he decided to start a moshpit right then and there at four in the afternoon in a sweaty living room. To me it seemed like the whole room was pulsating and shoving, but afterwards my wife assured me it was just me and him. Easily my best single SXSW 2008 memory.

Jason Forrest

Then back to the Weekend At Bernies party in time to catch the Muggabears, who take a bits of Sonic Youth and Pavement and give it some new shimmer and polish


And ran into two of the members of Bearsuit who were able to make it, Iain and Jan, who were nice as could be but understandably disappointed. It will only make their US premiere later this year in New York that much more triumphant - don't miss that if you're in NY!


The party closed outside in front of the garage with Karl Blau, who was an excellent choice, nice and sublime and leaving the afternoon with a nice glow, or maybe that was the generously supplied rum and cokes. Regardless, thanks for one of the better parties of the season!

Karl Blau

Then back over to the ACL studio to catch Holy Fuck's KEXP set. They had a different drummer than they had when they opened for Super Furry Animals a couple of months ago, the previous drummer also drums for Enon, but this drummer was just as on-target with the super-charged Trans-Am-style throwdown, with that solid bass and two electronic whizzes facing each other pulling out some damn brilliant harmonies. Definitely THE album excluded from my best of list last year, and I had heard it, too! Simply a horrible oversight, which will be corrected by listening to a lot of Holy Fuck from now on

Holy Fuck

And then home for dinner and decompression and a chance to meet up with my good friend Brian from the Boing Boing-approved Casbah Radio and his lovely lady. We then met up with good buddy Phillip (Good seeing you, Phillip, sorry you missed my road rage incident) and caught the showcase performance of Friends of Dean Martinez, one of the few shows I had to pay to see, and well worth it. Instead of long lines and possibly over-hyped new kids, I strolled in to a BBQ joint and spent the evening listening to extremely talented players lay down their Pink Floyd/desert/surf/pedal steel/organ/Americana goodness

Friends of Dean Martinez

Then we headed to the last performance of the UCB guys, a midnight showcase at the Alamo Drafthouse Lamar (dinner/beer/movie) called "Fucked Up And Illegal Videos", which featured just what the title suggests, interspersed with segments of improv based on audience members, including a great phone prank and especially when three audience members had to reenact the dance moves of the mentally-challenged. But I have now seen eels swim out of a woman's pussy, I have seen enough Robocock for this lifetime, and I have seen a boy straight out of Children of the Corn trying to make a real-life showreel for acting jobs by portraying Adolf Hitler in full operatic overdrive:

Upright Citizens Brigade

Got a late start Saturday, and there was no way to make it into Beauty Bar for the Rachel Ray party including Raveonettes, so we headed across 7th to the Athens GA-based 40 Watt Club's party for a quick stop. Got to see a rock band with more talent than most of what's on the FM rock stations, and meet 40 Watt (owner?) Zach, who was giving out plenty of free PBRs and good will to start out the day.

Summerbirds In The Cellar

And then we decided the best bet for Saturday was the huge Mess With Texas II Party put on by The 857 Collective and Transmission Entertainment which featured three stages of great acts and not a lot of walking time in between them, but not nearly enough beer/food stands or porta-potties (work on that next year and you'll be a can't miss for next year, too, guys). It's in Waterloo Park, just a few blocks north of the Red River/6th St. action, close enough to give us a chance for a break where my friends hurried over to catch the Raveonettes at the ACL studio and me and my wife WERE going to see SFA member Gruff Rhys's band Neon Neon (who apparently canceled their Mess With Texas II gig) but ended up making a detour over to the Hot Freaks III party at Mohawk in time to catch the over-the-top Japanese musical extravaganza that is Peelander-Z.

Peelander Z

But mostly Saturday it was a nice change of pace to see so many acts (so close together) at Waterloo Park:

White Denim

Kimya Dawson

Brian Posehn apparently had laryngitis, and after attempting to do a few jokes, called out Eugene Mirman to recite his jokes for him. The funny part was that as Posehn "whispered" the joke to Mirman it was still clearly audible to the crowd, so there were double laughs as Mirman tried to put proper comedian emphasis on the joke we had just heard two seconds previously:

Brian Posehn and Eugene Mirman

And the rest of the day was also what you'd expect from a top-notch paid-entry festival, again for absolutely free. Bradford Cox's Atlas Sound had just the right musical elements to fill a festival crowd quite nicely, Black Mountain stomped and smoldered and were perhaps the perfect band to play in front of a sunset, and the Breeders didn't disappoint - Kim Deal still at times seems tickled on stage that old classics like "Divine Hammer", "Cannonball", and their cover of "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" elicit such strong responses from the crowd

Atlas Sound

Black Mountain

The Breeders

And then there's usually not much going on Sunday, which is good because by that point most people are drained. The best two free Sunday night parties were right across the street from each other, the Phono Records and Lucky Rabbit Films party at Habana Calle 6, and the final SXSW party at Emo's. All the bands at the Habana Calle gig were great, and not too hard on overworked ears, but closer Mrandmrsmays refused to let the weekend go out on a low note, cranking out their new wave goodness and picking everybody in the club up for one last time.


And then over to Emo's for the nightcap, where somehow dancing to Madonna and other crap just doesn't seem wrong, especially when it's being pumped out by Prince Klaussen and DJ Jester

DJ Jester

"Alright, get the fuck out of Emo's and go home..."

I vow to get some proper portable recording gear by this time next year.


SXSW 2008 Preview


It's a great time to live five minutes from downtown Austin. Like every time I've been to SXSW, I'm not buying a badge or wristband, because they are completely unnecessary to seeing a shitload of bands. They let you get into the official showcases at night, but if there's a showcase you really want to see, show up early and see what happens. But each band usually only plays one night showcase, so even with a wristband, scheduling conflicts could force you to join to hordes shuffling in and out of all the free day shows in order to catch that band you're dying to see. And SXSW this year seems to be getting going earlier than ever, I swear even just last year there were only a handful of shows and parties before the official Wednesday start, but this year they've been going strong since Monday night. So, most bands will play at least 2-3 day shows, usually more if they can, and one night show, so again the wristband (and the expense) are unnecessary to have a good time.

The free unofficial SXSW day show bible: showlistaustin.com

So for any SXSW naysayers: where and when else are you going to see all of these bands, for absolutely free?

There are enough shows listed at showlistaustin to keep me too busy just to see the bands that I already really like, but it's really not hard to find yourself hearing and seeing something great that you didn't expect. However, even though I've already seen a few of them, there are a few bands I'm really looking forward to seeing:

Breeders (finally)
Bearsuit (US premiere of one of my most beloved bands - artsy, twee, start-stop excitement)
Mr. and Mrs. Mays (big things in the future for this Austin band - punkish new-wavish YeahYeahYeahs-style excitement)
Black Angels (also from Austin, just saw them a few weeks ago opening for Spectrum, hadn't heard much of them, but on a headful of shrooms their authentic-but-contemporary swampy psych hit the spot)
Parts and Labor (fuck yeah)
Holy Fuck (holy fuck yeah)
Scrabbel (sweeeeet)
Raveonettes (finally)

And of course I hope to find a new band or two. Also, some free day shows/parties I definitely expect to hit are:

-At least one day of the Little Radio/Noisepop 2008 shows
-The Fader/Levi's Lou Reed Tribute w/ OhNo!OhMy!, Mark Kozelek, Yo La Tengo, and more (Thurs.)
- The Bay Area Takeover, bringing top bands from the San Fransisco/Oakland area (Thu.)
- The Hot Freaks III mega-blog-party (Thu. & Fri.)
- The Weekend At bernies house party put on by two of my favorite indie labels, PIAPTK and HHBTM (Fri.)
- The three-stage Mess With Texas Festival II in Waterloo Park, headlined by the Breeders (Sat.)

And the rest of this post is mostly just a note to myself that I can check on the phone of shows I would like to catch, and a big nyah-nyah to those of you not in Austin for the rest of this week:

UPDATED: I forgot to include the Above the Radar two-stage party at Trophy's on Thursday, hosted by a trio of Austin blogs far cooler than yours truly, I assure you. I wasn't that familiar with the bands, but after a cursory myspace music check-out, this show comes recommended. And isn't finding new bands supposed to be one of the goals of attending SXSW?

Also - My good friend Daniella at Like Two Deer Winning a Race highly recommends you check out Screaming Cyn Cyn and The Pons, Mar 13 8:00P Molotov Lounge, 719 W. 6th St. & also
Mar 16 3:00P the backyard, 4604 Kitty Ave


Little Radio/Noisepop 2008 present
  • Octopus Project (5:30pm), Die! Die! Die! (4:50pm), White Denim (4:10pm), Restaurant (3:30pm), Two Gallants (2:50pm), Foreign Born (2:10pm), Brothers & Sisters (1:30pm), Tom Freund (12:50pm), The Explorer's Club (12:10pm), Brazos (11:40am) at the Red Eyed Fly (free, starts at 11am, 18+, free bloody marys and beer for 21+

Force Field PR & Terrorbird Media present
  • El Guincho (5:35pm), The Blow (5:05pm), WHY? (4:25pm), The Mae Shi (3:40pm), The Raveonettes (2:55pm), YACHT (2:10pm), These New Puritans (1:30pm), Evangelicals (12:45pm), These United States (noon) at Emo's (outside stage, free)
  • Hey Willpower (5:30pm), Panther (4:45pm), The Death Set (4pm), Let's Go To War (3:15pm), Bowerbirds (2:30pm), Headlights (1:45pm), Radar Bros. (1pm), Laura Barrett (12:15pm) at Emo's (inside stage, free)

Gorilla vs. Booze
  • The Cool Kids (Chicago, 4:45pm), Holy Fuck (Toronto, 4pm), Bodies Of Water (LA, 3:15pm), Ghosthustler (2:30pm), White Williams (1:45pm), White Denim (1pm), The Party DJs (Dallas) at the Peacock (free, free beer, 21+)

Business Deal Records day show, sponsored by KOOP 91.7FM
  • Fishboy, Count Dracula's Weed Smuggling Jam Engine, Pataphysics, Charles Potts Magic Windmill Band, Shapes Have Fangs at Lovejoys (noon-6pm, free, free beer)

Go Entertainment presents
  • Golden Bear (5:15pm), Brazos (3:45pm), Transfer (2:15pm), The Always Already (12:34pm), Noise Revival Orchestra (11:15am) at the Scoot Inn (stage 1)
  • Quiet Company (4:30pm), Pink Nasty (3pm), The Model UN (1:30pm), The Boxing Lesson (noon) at the Scoot Inn (stage 2)
  • Danny Malone (5pm), Frank Smith (4pm), Tom Schraeder (3pm), Matthew Ryan (2pm), Leatherbag (1pm), Curtis Evans (noon) at the Scoot Inn (stage 3)

GOOD, NRDC, and the Hotel San Jose present Choose Good Austin
  • Noisettes, Kimya Dawson, Lightspeed Champion, The Deadly Syndrome, Mason Jennings, The Exit, Langhorne Slim, Hello Stranger at the Hotel San Jose (1316 S. Congress Ave., noon-9pm)


Todd P presents Midnight Unamplified Acoustic Party
  • Death Set, Ninjasonik, Best Fwends, Deer Tick, Vivian Girls, Finally Punk, Dan Deacon, Best Friends Forever, These Are Powers, The So So Glos, An Albatross, Gowns, Karl Blau, Video Hippos, Little Claw, Scary Mansion, Headlights, Dark Meat, dd/mm/yyyy, Meneguar, Muggabears, Woods, Jeremy Jay, Hawnay Troof, Hard Bop on the UT Austin Main Mall (middle of the six-pack buildings, starts at midnight, free, all ages, no open bottles or cans, all acts acoustic, 2 songs each, no particular order)


Covert Curiosity, Sonic Itch Music and Cubik Musik Present: Above the Radar - a huge day party with two stages orchestrated by a trio of Austin-based music blogs.

  • Ume, Thee Emergency, Monahans, Land of Talk, The Shackeltons, Dead Confederate at Trophy's (inside stage)
  • Lady Pterodactyl, Transmography, The Death Set, Table Manners Crew, 1/2 Alive, Ghislain Poirier at Trophy's (outstage)

Birds Barbershop and PartyEnds.com present Birds Big Top Blowout
  • Sons & Daughters (6:15pm), Moth!Fight! (5:30pm), Dizzee Rascal(4:30pm), Dawn Landes (3:45pm), Hymns (3pm), Lykke Li (2:15pm), Zookeeper (1:30pm), Special guests (12:45pm), Hopewell (Noon), Oakland producer/DJ Amplive (between sets) at Birds Barbershop (2110 South Lamar, free, free drinks, parking limited, take #3 bus)

Little Radio/Noisepop 2008 present
  • The Black Angels (5:30pm), Spindrift (4:50pm), A Place to Bury Strangers (4:10pm), The Big Sleep (3:30pm), The Raveonettes (2:50pm), The Pity Party (2:10pm), Grand Archives (1:30pm), Minipop (12:50pm), Peel (12:10pm), Yellow Fever (11:40am) at the Red Eyed Fly (free, starts at 11am, 18+, free bloody marys and beer for 21+)

Paste and Stereogum present the Dell Lounge
  • Peter Moren (of Peter Bjorn & John, 5pm), Delta Spirit (4pm), Colour Revolt (3pm), Destroyer (2pm), Nada Surf (1pm), My Brightest Diamond (noon) at Volume Night Club (612 E. 6th St., free, RSVP here)

Brooklyn Vegan presents
  • Holy Fuck (5:20pm), Phosphorescent (4:30pm), Men (Le Tigre, DJ, 4pm), Lykke Li (3:30pm), Men (Le Tigre, DJ, 3pm), Why? (2:30pm), No Kids (1:45pm), Peter Moren (1pm), Dawn Landes (12:15pm), The Ting Tings (11:30am) at Emo's (annex)
  • Fleet Foxes (5:30pm), Clip'd Beaks (4:45pm), Genghis Tron (4:00pm), Parts & Labor (3:15pm), Team Robespierre (2:30pm), Eugene Mirman (2:15pm), Grand Ole Party (1:30pm), Muggabears (12:45pm), The Mae Shi (noon) at Emo's (lounge, free, free bloody marys)

All Roads Lead to Austin, Other Music 2008 Lawn Party
  • Times New Viking (6pm), Jay Reatard (5pm), Mika Miko (4pm), These New Puritans (3pm), J. Mascis (2pm), Bodies of Water (1pm) at the French Legation Museum (802 San Marcos St., noon-7pm)

NPR Music show and live broadcast
  • Vampire Weekend (4pm), Bon Iver (3:15pm), Yeasayer (2:30pm), AA Bondy (2pm), Jens Lekman (1:15pm), Shout Out Louds (12:30pm) at the Parish (Will be broadcast live on KUT, KEXP, The Current, WFUV, and WXPN)

The Current Live at SXSW
  • The Rascals (5:45pm), Cloud Cult (4:30pm), Jim Noir (3:30pm), DeVotchka (2:30pm), Sons & Daughters (1:15pm), Jesca Hoop (noon), The Raveonettes (11am) at the Free Yr Radio Broadcast Corner (7th and Red River, free, broadcast live on the Current)

Fader/Levi's present
  • N.E.R.D. (8pm), Tribute to Lou Reed with What Laura Says Thinks and Feels, Paper Route, Oh No! Oh My!, Ezra Furman & the Harpoons, Joseph Arthur, Dr. Dog, Mark Kozelek, Yo La Tengo, My Morning Jacket, Moby, Thurston Moore & the new Wave Bansdits (5:45-7:30pm), Saul Williams (5pm), Birdmonster (4:15pm), Grand Ole Party (3:30pm), Joe Lean & the Jing Jang Jong (2:45pm), The Ting Tings (2pm), Ben's Brother (1:30pm) with Queen Majesty, Tittsworth and Dave Nada, and the Fluo Kids at The Fort (204 E. 4th St., 1pm-8pm, 21+, invite-only, RSVP here)

The Bay Area Takeover
  • Two Gallants (5:30pm), Von Iva (4:45pm), The Black (4pm), 60 Watt Kid (3:15pm), Music for Animals (2:30pm), The Union Trade (1:45pm), Social Studies (1pm), Form and Fate (12:15pm) at the Beauty Bar (indoor stage)
  • Scissors for Lefty (5pm), Film School (4:15pm), Loquat (3:30pm), Scrabbel (2:15pm), Birds and Batteries (1:30pm), D.W. Holiday (12:45pm), Aim Low Kid (noon) at the Beauty Bar (outdoor stage, noon-6pm, free, free beer, coffee and food, rsvp here)

Schubas' 12th Annual SXSW Round-Up
  • Okkervil River, The Cool Kids, Peter Moren, Blitzen Trapper, The Spinto Band, The Builders & the Butchers, Black Joe Lewis, Ben Jelen, Aleks & the Drummer, DJ sets by The Hood Internet and Ohmega Watts at Yard Dog Gallery (1510 S. Congress Ave., noon-7pm, all ages, free)


Todd P presents Bikes in the Kitchen party
  • Matt & Kim (between sets), Team Robespierre (10:30pm), Best Fwends (10pm), Ninjasonik (9:30pm), Vivian Girls (9pm), Juiceboxxx (8:30pm), The Death Set (8pm), Dark Meat (7:30pm), Sunburned Hand of the Man (7pm), World/Inferno Friendship Society (6:30pm) at Ms. Bea's (1104 E. 6th St., free)

  • Crime Novels, The Mae Shi, Mammoth Grinder, Mika Miko, Lucky Dragons, Indian Jewelry, Clipd Beaks, Knyfe Hyts, Best Fwends, Crystal Castles at the Austin Chidren's Museum (2nd and Colorado, 11pm-4am, free, RSVP here)


Little Radio/Noisepop 2008 present
  • Autolux (5:30pm), Grand Ole Party (4:50pm), Helio Sequence (4:10pm), The Little Ones (3:30pm), Rogue Wave (2:50pm), David Dondero (2:10pm), Film School (1:30pm), Ed Harcourt (12:50pm), Li'l Cap'n Travis (12:10pm), Magic Bullets (11:40am) at the Red Eyed Fly (free, starts at 11am, 18+, free bloody marys and beer for 21+)

An Aquarium Drunkard, Daytrotter, Gorilla Vs Bear, Largehearted Boy, My Old Kentucky Blog and You Ain't No Picasso present Hot Freaks III
  • British Sea Power (5pm), Blitzen Trapper (4pm), White Denim (3pm), Cadence Weapon (2pm), The Dodos (1pm), Nicole Atkins & The Sea (noon) at the Mohawk (outside stage)
  • Jason Collett (4:30pm), Bowerbirds (3:30pm), Cameron McGill (2:30pm), Ola Podrida (1:30pm), Blair (12:30pm) at the Mohawk (inside stage)
  • Jens Lekman (4:30pm), Peter Moren (3:30pm), Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears (2:30pm), Blood on the Wall (1:30pm), Evangelicals (12:30pm) at Club Deville

Todd P presents
  • Fucked Up (4:30pm), Extreme Animals -----> Paper Rad (4pm), Parts and Labor (3:30pm), Meneguar (3pm), Clockcleaner (2:30pm), Yacht (2pm), Rah Dunes (1:30pm), Dynasty Handbag (1pm), Fiasco (12:30pm), Muggabears (noon) at Ms. Bea's (1104 E. 6th St., free)

Pitchfork/Windish Agency party
  • No Age (5:30pm), Yeasayer (4:30pm), Fleet Foxes (3:30pm), Bon Iver (2:30pm), Jay Reatard (1:30pm), Lykke Li (12:30pm) at Emo's (outside stage, free)
  • A Place to Bury Strangers (5pm), Times New Viking (4pm), Atlas Sound (3pm), Fuck Buttons (2pm), White Williams (1pm), High Places (12pm) at Emo's (inside stage, free)

Skyscraper Magazine and Peta2.com present
  • The Von Bondies (5:15pm), Make Believe (4:30pm), Old Time Relijun (3:45pm), Die! Die! Die! (3pm), Genghis Tron (2:15pm), By the End of Tonight (1:30pm), Panther (12:45pm), Mtn. High (noon), DJ List Christee (Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal) at Emo's Lounge (noon-6pm, free, all ages)

All Roads Lead to Austin, Other Music 2008 Lawn Party
  • Shearwater (6pm), Atlas Sound (5pm), Yo La Tengo (4pm), Portastatic (3pm), Grand Archives (2pm), Phosphorescent (1pm) at the French Legation Museum (802 San Marcos St., noon-7pm)

Furniture Records Party
  • Reykjavik (7pm), Awesome Cool Dudes (6:30pm), Thee Ohsees (6pm), Shooting Spires (5:30pm), GOWNS (5pm), Jason Forrest (4:30pm), Pterodactyl (4pm), Buffalo Stance (3:30pm), Modey Lemon (3pm), Los Llamarada (2pm) at the Furniture Residence (1009 E. 44th St., free, free beer, please be respectful of their neighbors)

Vice Saves Texas
  • 1349 (7:15pm), Enslaved (6:30pm), Dark Meat (5:45pm), The Raveonettes (5pm), Jay Reatard (4:15pm), The Night Marchers (3:30pm), Fucked Up (2:45pm), Monotonix (2pm), Howlin Rain (1:15pm) at the Vice Outdoor Stage (1106 E. 11th St.)
  • Annihilation Time (7:30pm), Los Liamarada (6:45pm), Psychedelic Horseshit (6pm), Wooden Shjips (5:15pm), Tweak Bird (4:30pm), Fuck Buttons (3:45pm), Torche (3pm), Moonrats (2:15pm), The Nymphets (1:30pm), The Cops (12:45pm) at the Longbranch Inn (1133 E. 11th St.)
  • Matt & Kim (7pm), Mika Miko (6:15pm), The Death Set (5:30pm), The Mae Shi (4:45pm), The Strange Boys (4pm), Sebastian Grainger (3:15pm), Abe Vigoda (2:30pm), The Muslims (1:45pm), Coconut Coolouts (1pm) at Victory Grill (1104 E. 11th St.)

Waterloo Records presents
  • Kimya Dawson (6pm), Elf Power (5pm), Division Day (4pm), Sea Wolf (3pm), Shelby Lynne (2pm) at Waterloo Records (free, free beer)

Ever Loving presents

Urban Outfitters party
  • MGMT (4pm), Two Gallants (3pm), Bodies of Water (2pm), Le Loup (1pm), Port O'Brien (noon) at Urban Outfitters (2406 Guadalupe, free)

KEXP Live in Austin
  • Holy Fuck (7:30pm), Does It Offend You Yeah? (5:30pm), Handsome Furs (3:30pm), The Breeders (1:30pm), Devotchka (11:30am) at the KLRU Studios (Guadalupe and Dean Keeton, see map here, free)

Anavan (7:30pm), Nero's Day at Disneyland (7pm), Mistress (6:30pm), LIT (6pm), Friends Forever (5:30pm), Magic Johnson (5pm), Ima Gymnist (4:30pm), Devon Williams (4pm), Kevin Shields (3:30pm), Foot Village (3pm), Mika Miko (2:30pm), No Age (2pm), Lisa Cameron (12:30pm), Douglas Ferguson (noon) at the Opera House (2209 K South 1st St., behind End of an Ear)

The Early Tapes (12:30am), School Police (11:35pm), Bear Claw (10:45pm), Sugar & Gold (10pm), The Gay Blades (9:10pm), Airwaves (8:25pm), Woodhands (7:40pm), Til We're Blue or Destroy (6:55pm), The Mockery Birds (6:05pm), Masonic (5:20pm), The Botticellis (SF, 4:30pm), Honey Thief (3:45pm) at the Hole in the Wall

Scene Magazine party
  • And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, The Black Keys, Health, The Cribs, Soundtrack of our Lives at La Zona Rosa (noon-5pm)

PIAPTK Records and HHBTM Records present: Weekend at Bernie's 3
  • Karl Blau (6pm), Bearsuit (5:30pm), Laura Gibson (5pm), The Muggabears (4:30pm), The Poison Control Center (solo acoustic, 4pm), The Besties (3:30pm), Fishboy (3pm), Corn Mo (2:30pm), Folklore (2pm), Southerly (solo acoustic, 1:30pm), Golden Boots (1pm), Ryan Anderson (12:30pm), Birth Mother (noon) at 1024 East 44th St.


Blender After Hours
  • Diplo, A-Trak, The Cool Kids, DJ Sets by Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal, The Bloids and Drive A at Action Figure, East Side Stages (3000 E. Cesar Chavez, midnight-4am, 21+)

Todd P presents Upset the Rhythm party
  • Death Sentence: Panda! (11:30pm), Knyfe Hyts (11pm), Josh Taylor's Friends Forever (10:30pm), Kevin Shields -vs- Foot Village (10pm), John Maus (9:30pm), Kimya Dawson (9pm), Angelo Spencer (8:45pm), Karl Blau (8:20pm), Lexie Mountain Boys (8pm), High Places (7:30pm), Telepathe (7pm), Lucky Dragons (6:30pm), Pit Er Pat (6pm), Hecuba (5:30pm), Icy Demons (5pm) at Ms. Bea's (1104 E. 6th St., free)

  • The Selmanaires (1am), Modern Skirts (midnight), Morning State (11pm), The Pendletons (10pm), Anna Kramer (9pm), Trances Arc (8pm), Peel (7pm), The Druggists (6pm), XYZ Affair (5pm), Jeremy Jay (4pm), Pillow Queens (3pm) at Chain Drive (504 Willow St., inside stage, free)
  • Apache Beat (12:30am), Twin Crystals (11:30pm), Alice Russell (10:30pm), Nicky Click (9:30pm), Scream Club (8:30pm), Thuis Life Electric (7:30pm), STNNNG (6:30pm) at Chain Drive (504 Willow St., outside stage, free)

Willie Nelson at the Backyard


The 857 Collective and Transmission Entertainment present Mess With Texas 2
  • The Breeders (8:40pm), Islands (7:45pm), Black Mountain (6:50pm), Neon Neon (6:10pm), Atlas Sound (5:25pm), Two Gallants (4:45pm), Darker My Love (4:10pm), Grand Ol Party (3:35pm), White Denim (2:25pm), Shearwater (1:45pm), Aloha (1:15pm), Mellowdrone (12:45pm) at Waterloo Park (main stage, 1301 Trinity St., noon-10pm, free, all ages)
  • NOFX (8:50pm), Lucero (8:05pm), Dead to Me (7:25pm), Municipal Waste (6:45pm), Fucked Up + special guest (5:50pm), Jay Reatard (5:15pm), Pissed Jeans (4:40pm), The Night Marchers (featuring John Reis, 3:55pm), Howlin Rain (3:20pm), Wooden Shjips (2:40pm), Annihilation Time (2:05pm), Moonrats (1:30pm), The Selmanaries (1pm) at Waterloo Park (second stage, 1301 Trinity St., noon-10pm, free, all ages)
  • Simian Mobile Disco (8:45pm), Matt & Kim (7:55pm), No Age (7:10pm), Yeasayer (6:25pm), Gil Mantera's Party Dream (5:40pm), Brian Posehn (5:15pm), Human Giant (5pm), Leo Allen (4:50pm), Paul F Tompkins (4:35pm), Hard N Phirm (4:20pm), Eugene Mirman (4:05pm), Jon Benjamin & Jon Glaser (3:55pm), Reggie Watts (3:45pm), The Fun Bunch (3:30pm), Kimya Dawson (3pm), Janeane Garofalo (2:45pm), Jonah Ray (2:35pm), Earles & Jensen (2:25pm), Todd Barry (2:10pm), Matt Braunger (2pm), Panther (1:30pm), Monotonix (1pm), The Coathangers (12:15pm) at Waterloo Park (third stage, 1301 Trinity St., noon-10pm, free, all ages)

An Aquarium Drunkard, Daytrotter, Gorilla Vs Bear, Largehearted Boy, My Old Kentucky Blog and You Ain't No Picasso present Hot Freaks III
  • Islands (5pm), Peelander-Z (4pm), A Place to Bury Strangers (3pm), Film School (2pm), The Whigs (1pm), Bad Veins (noon) at the Mohawk (outside stage)
  • White Hinterland (4:30pm), David Bazan (3:30pm), The Acorn (2:30pm), Le Switch (1:30pm), Frankel (12:30pm) at the Mohawk (inside stage)
  • Lykke Li (4:30pm), White Rabbits (3:30pm), List Christee (Kevin Barnes DJ set, 3pm), Bodies of Water (2:30pm), The Jealous Girlfriends (1:30pm), Lyrics Born (12:30pm) at Club Deville

Todd P presents
  • Wizardzz (8pm), Health (7:30pm), Old Time Relijun (7pm), Mika Miko (6:30pm), Crime Novels -vs- Clipd Beaks (6pm), Tiny Masters of Today (5:30pm), Psychedelic Horseshit (5pm), White Mice (4:30pm), Little Claw (4pm), Teenage Moms (3:30pm), Northampton Wools featuring Thurston Moore (3pm), Greg Ashley (2:30pm), Pterodactyl (2pm), Shooting Spires (1:30pm), New Bloods (1pm), Finally Punk (12:30pm), Cheveau (noon) at Ms. Bea's (1104 E. 6th St., free)

Paste and Stereogum present the Dell Lounge
  • Kevin Barnes DJ set (5pm), HEALTH (4pm), No Age (3pm), Blitzen Trapper (2pm), High Places (1pm), Fuck Buttons (noon) at Volume Night Club (612 E. 6th St., free, RSVP here)

The Garden Party
  • Kimya Dawson (6:45pm), Okkervil River (6:05pm), She & Him (5:15pm), Thurston Moore and the New Wave Bandits (4:30pm), J Mascis (3:50pm), Sons And Daughters (3pm), Lightspeed Champion (2:20pm), Laura Marling (1:40pm), Noah And The Whale (12:50pm), Emmy The Great (noon) at the French Legation Museum (802 San Marcos St., noon-8pm, RSVP to events@pressherepresents.com)

Misc. Music Showcase
  • Half Japanesse (9pm), Aliens (8pm), Peelander-Z (7pm), S-T-B (6pm), Damage Pants/iKiLLCaRS (5pm), Sado-Massachusetts (4pm), Inverted Colors (3pm), Illinois Payson (2pm), No Mas Bodas (1pm) at Counter Cafe (626 N. Lamar at 6th St., free)

Cream Vintage presents
  • TBA (7pm), The Mercers (6pm), The Teeth (5pm), Mr. and Mrs. Mays (4pm), The Steps (3pm), The Hymns (2pm) at Cream Vintage (2532 Guadalupe, free)

Four on the Floor Party
  • De Nova Dahl (10pm), The Always Already (9:15pm), The Burning Hotels (8:30pm), The Show is the Rainbow (7:45pm), Astronautilis (7pm), Black Tie Dynasty (6:15pm), AM Syndicate (5:30pm), So Many Dynamos (4:45pm), The Vivian Girls (4pm), 33 Black Angles (3:15pm), The Nobility (2:30pm), David Israel (1:45pm), The Mediums (1pm), They Mean Us (12:15pm), Catalina Rose (11:45pm) behind Parts & Labour (1604 S. Congress Ave., free)

Vice Scion Electro Show
  • Chromeo (3:05pm), Digitalism (2:05pm), Mixhell (1:10pm), Black Moth Super Rainbow (12:30pm), Mixhell (noon) at Stubb's

Waterloo Records presents
  • Half Japanese (6pm), Carbon/Silicon (5pm), Ola Podrida (4pm), Times new Viking (3pm), Saviours (2pm) at Waterloo Records (free, free beer)

KVRX and Impose present: Seriously, Don't Mess With Texas
  • The Dodos (8:30pm), The Ohcees (8pm), The Apes (7:30pm), Panther (7pm), O'Death (6:30pm), Follow That Bird (6pm), Headlights (5:30pm), Ponytail (5pm), Cassettes Won't Listen (4:30pm), Brazos (4pm), Red Rocket (3:30pm), Tacks The Boy Disaster (3pm), Yellow Fever (2:30pm), Daniel Francis Doyle (2pm), Fiasco (1:30pm), {{{Sunset}}} (1pm), Bearsuit (12:30pm), Foot Patrol (noon) at the UT Communications Courtyard (2500 Whitis St.)

KEXP Live in Austin
  • Blitzen Trapper (8pm), The Raveonettes (6pm), Tapes N Tapes (4pm), These New Puritans (2pm), Positive Vibrations with Kid Hops (11am) at the KLRU Studios (Guadalupe and Dean Keeton, see map here, free)

Rachael Ray presents
  • Holy Fuck (5pm), The Stills (4pm), Scissors For Lefty (3pm), The Cringe (2pm), The Raveonettes (1pm), Autovaughn (noon), DJ Efren Ramirez at the Beauty Bar (noon-6pm)

Music by the Slice 2008
  • Joseph Arthur (6:45pm), Earlimart (6pm), The Submarines (5:15pm), Castledoor (4:30pm), The Spinto Band (3:45pm), The Watson Twins (3pm), The Morning Benders (2:15pm), Le Loup (1:30pm), Ola Podrida (12:45pm), Laura Gibson (noon), in between: Trainwreck Riders (early) Wiretree (late) at Home Slice Pizza (1415 South Congress, free)

The 40 Watt Club presents
  • The Dumps (5:30pm), Dead Confederate (5pm), All the Saints (4:30pm), Sleepy Horses (4pm), Def Judges (3:30pm), The Dexateens (3pm), Mouser (2:30pm), Dark Meat (2pm), Quiet Hooves (1:30pm), Summerbirds in teh Cellar (1pm), Leticia Wolf (12:30pm), King of Prussia (noon) at the Side Bar (602 E. 7th St., free food and drink)


The Nail in the Coffin
  • Octopus Project (2am), DJ Gerard Cosloy (1am), DJ List Christee (Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal, midnight), Foreign Islands (11pm) at the Salvage Vanguard Theater (2803 Manor Rd., 10pm-4am, free, free beer)

Willie Nelson at the Backyard

2nd Annual Austin Tribute Band Marathon
  • The Lowelies (Nick Lowe, midnight), Big Mess (Devo, 11pm), The Eggmen (The Beatles (10pm), Ouch! (The Rutles, 9pm), Sticks N Stones (Rolling Stones, 8pm), Stone Free (Hendrix, 7pm), Pearl (Janis Joplin, 6pm), The Costellophones (Elvis Costello, 5pm), Airlane (Gary Numan, 4pm) at Ego's (510 S. Congress)


Make Austin Weirder Fest
  • Hit by a Car (9pm), T.J. Wade's tribute to the Ruins (8pm), Foot Patrol (7pm), Crapulence (6pm), This is My Condition (5pm), Megazilla (4pm), Obnosticon (3pm), Opposite Day (2pm), Jazzus Lizard at Room 710

Phono Records and Lucky Rabbit Films day show
  • Mr and Mrs Mays, Pompeii, Frank Smith, The Come Latelys, Ring Shout, Dead Trees, Viva Viva, Dedringers, Mike and the Moonpies, Ladyfingers (NYC) at Habana Calle 6 (709 E. 6th St., 8pm-midnight, free)

And, if you're still reading this - THE comedy geniuses of the past decade - The Upright Citizens Brigade (the three original guys, minus Amy Poehler), will perform two live shows Wednesday and Thursday (already sold out) and do a video presentation with other stuff Friday. Locations and showtimes and ticket links can be found at the bottom of this interview with Matt Besser from the Austinist.


Man, It's the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

To the girl who done me wrong:
I'll call ya Tiffany, since that's ya real name. It wasn't like you done mean to treat me bad. It wasn't like ya screwed me over or nothing, it was the way you and your friend laughed like princesses when I mentioned Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. And you done saw him live, too! Oh, shit, man, how can I forget how you and that other little bitch cackled as you recalled how Jon Spencer would shout out "The Blues Explosion!". So even though you treated me good otherwise, you just cramped my style there in a way that couldn't be uncramped. A girl ain't gotta love the heavy, howling, fierce, Elvis on PCP channeling explosion of pure roots rock energy that is the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, but if you're gonna laugh in the face of all that is raw and pure and soulful about rock-n-roll, I'm afraid little honey that I'm gonna have to kick yo ass to the curb like a stray dog.

"Now is the time
To lose all self-control
Tell about all the garbage
In your brain hole" -JSBX

If you're a youngin' and maybe haven't laid witness to the awesomeness and are just curious, start with "Dang", and then the killer theremin of "World of Sex". Did anybody see Jon Spencer licking the theremin on the "What's Up Matador?" video?

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Sep. 18, 1994
Groningen, Holland
Club Vera

1. ...Bell Bottoms
2. Back Slider
3. Orange
4. Soul Type Cast/Very Rare
5. Brenda
6. Afro
7. Dang
8. Greyhound
9. Support-a-Man
10. Cowboy
11. Blues X-Man
12. Dissect
13. Feeling of Love
14. Sweat
15. Waterman/Get With IT
16. Vacuum of Loneliness
17. Instro-Mental
18. World of Sex
19. The Flavor
20. Ditch
21. 78 Style
22. Son of a Bitch
23. Wriggle and Move
24. Train
25. Exploder
26. Trash
27. Whaamajamma

This show was previously released as the bootleg "Don't Cramp My Style", and we can't have those bastards making anymore money now that the world has high-speed internet. This show is available lossless at Dime, if you don't know what I mean, read the white "BitTorrent howto" link on the right.

If you don't own any Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, I would start with the classic '93 album Extra Width. It's not available from the official site, but that site does have T-shirts and other music and stuff, check the buttons on the right side.

Thanks to flickr user seretuaccidente for the JSBX grafitti pic.