Nips '79 - pre Pogues MacGowan's first live rec.

If you're any kind of Irishman, you're already too drunk to read this, I rarely drink much but cracked it open before noon today, tried to remaster this show then after a few hours said fuck it, it's already pretty good quality for an old boot, plus it took me long enough to edit and arrange these pics, thank the good lord for spellcheck to dress this post up, this is a rare baby, the first known live recording of Shane Macgowan. I remember first seeing him, in the Pogues "White City" video, and I remember thinking, alright, don't get like that. Must brush teeth. And if you're any kind of Irishman (I'm a quarter, for real) or music fan for that matter, you've already burned through your Pogues collection on many a Saint Paddy's Day, and if you haven't, you really haven't celebrated St Paddy's Day. The Nips are more punkish London than drunken Ireland, but oddly enough still goes well with a good buzz. Here's a sample, the rest is the complete show:


Monkey Bastard said...

Thank you so much for this! I've been wanting to hear the Nips for ages.


Anonymous said...

Hi guy.
The info about this live show is bad.
The live show you have posted is a bootleg called:
Only The End Of The Begining
Recorded in March, 1980.
Take a look at the order of the songs.
Here are the artworks for cd:

funeralpudding said...

Crap. I got the link to the boot i thought it was from the guy who originally torrented it. As soon as i compared setlists just now I realized it was a mistake. Thanks for the info!

Antoine Malette said...

That's great !
THANKS !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cheers mate!