Shitload of of Montreal @ the Booty Patrol

The world finally came together as one, joined in a common, desperate plea that has been heard from New York city streets to the war-torn ghettos of Baghdad: give us an of Montreal fansite! And so your humble blog-jockey looked out over the fields of bloodied mullets and non-decaying breast implants for another soul with the fortitude to take the action that was necessary, and saw in the bottom of a cracked lens a large glittery flag being waved over Wisconsin. Quixoticgoat is very cool and spits out great design like I spit out spit. And so it goes that the Booty Patrol was born. We may not be the world's biggest of Montreal fanatics (we're close), but we play one on TV. We're just trying to give fans another home, a place to compile news and downloads. We'll include as many rarities as we have room for, and links will be permanent. I'll include a single song here to bring readers, but if you want the goods, head over to the Booty Patrol... three whole albums (2 are demos), several other mp3s, an of Montreal interview by yours truly, and even more to come in the future. Although I can understand why you wouldn't go check it out, I mean some people just don't like music.

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Quixotic Goat said...

"...some people just don't like music."

you are fucking awesome, fp.