Johnny Cash - "Guest Star"

One of the gems I came across recently is a set of three Johnny Cash appearances, two from a show called "Country Style USA" in 1958 and this one from a show called "Guest Star" in 1959. Apart from being the least scratchy of the three, I especially like the voice of the host, Lou Crosby, on this one. I can't tell if it sounds more like a Phil Hartman Simpson's character or Alec Baldwin's impersonation of Tony Bennett. An unsuccessful search of his picture turned up the fact that he was also an announcer on the Lawrence Welk show, and the father of Cathy Lee Crosby:

The only way you don't remember her is if you're too young, or a girl, because I have a hunch that many guys now in their thirties are like me and watched "That's Incredible" not only for the cool shit, but because Crosby gave you a "special feeling" before you knew what those even were. I didn't even know what I could do with my own body then, much less what it could do to a blonde bombshell who knew things about ghosts and hung out with people who pulled locomotives with their teeth. So, anyways, that's her daddy with the croonin' voice talking to Johnny.

"Now it's a pleasure to present today's guest, a young man who in just a short time has become an outstanding success in the recording industry..."

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nikko said...

I see what you mean about the voice... smooth as the whiskey he surely drinks. Thanks for posting the whole recording, not just the songs!