At A Later Date

Here's a gem. Super rare Joy Division, never recorded in studio, not on the "Heart & Soul" box set, and one of their more rockin songs. I met a guy a few months ago who told me he hated Joy Division. I tried to politely explain that perhaps a bit of true angst was necessary in your soul to truly appreciate it. What I should have said was this: "You're fuckin stupid."


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Anonymous said...

Actually, it's one of the songs from their previously-named group Warsaw. There are loads of bootlegs of the song in demo form. I used to hear it at punk clubs all the time. The correct title is At a Later Date.

Thanks for all the Of Montreal stuff. Neat.

funeralpudding said...

Thanks for the info! I've actually got the Warsaw demos album (although I think most of those songs are on the Heart and Soul box set) and "The Drawback" demo is one of my favorite Warsaw/Joy Division tunes. You used to hear this one in clubs all the time?!? In the UK I assume... I'm starting to miss London.