Live freeform mix

Since I've started torrenting, my CD collection has exploded, mostly pristine live recordings I never imagined I'd own. The premier live music torrent site has got to be Dime A Dozen. Tapers and bootleggers old and new are crawling out of the woodwork and posting their stuff there. If you've got a high-speed connection, you need to get BitTorrent, (or other torrent client/application, although this one's open source) and have patience enough to get an account at Dime (capped at 100,000, always booting those who can't share). I've been downloading a few things for stocking stuffers and decided this would be the perfect time to lay down the freeform gauntlet. I tried to make it so that every single person could find one song they really like, from Diamanda Galas (left) shattering glass alongside Sonny Sharrock to a rare George Strait cover of an old Hank Williams tune.

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dozier5 said...

gotta say - that last exit track is about the craziest thing i've ever heard - thanks!