The good Memphis

Boyee, I ain't but hardly even done been born yet, and the first mp3 from a label comes streaming into my inbox like Columbus into the Caribbean, completely unaware of its status as seed of indescribable power, mwahaha. To be honest, I probably would have put it up as long as it didn't sound like caca, but I was pleasantly surprised. Swooning and breezy, for some reason this song puts imagery in my head of driving medium-fast through city streets on a cold overcast day. I wonder if these guys from Vancouver have any idea how lame their namesake city in the US really is (sorry, if your town is lamer than mine, it deserves to be said out loud). Regardless, sounds nice, the other songs at their Myspace page aren't too shabby, either. And apparently the lead singer was in the "sweetheart pop group" Stars (Canada, too). Memphis's (wanna fight about the s?) sophomore album "A Little Place in the Wilderness" is available now on import from Amazon from Canada, or you can wait for the US release sometime early next year.

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