Man, It's the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

To the girl who done me wrong:
I'll call ya Tiffany, since that's ya real name. It wasn't like you done mean to treat me bad. It wasn't like ya screwed me over or nothing, it was the way you and your friend laughed like princesses when I mentioned Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. And you done saw him live, too! Oh, shit, man, how can I forget how you and that other little bitch cackled as you recalled how Jon Spencer would shout out "The Blues Explosion!". So even though you treated me good otherwise, you just cramped my style there in a way that couldn't be uncramped. A girl ain't gotta love the heavy, howling, fierce, Elvis on PCP channeling explosion of pure roots rock energy that is the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, but if you're gonna laugh in the face of all that is raw and pure and soulful about rock-n-roll, I'm afraid little honey that I'm gonna have to kick yo ass to the curb like a stray dog.

"Now is the time
To lose all self-control
Tell about all the garbage
In your brain hole" -JSBX

If you're a youngin' and maybe haven't laid witness to the awesomeness and are just curious, start with "Dang", and then the killer theremin of "World of Sex". Did anybody see Jon Spencer licking the theremin on the "What's Up Matador?" video?

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Sep. 18, 1994
Groningen, Holland
Club Vera

1. ...Bell Bottoms
2. Back Slider
3. Orange
4. Soul Type Cast/Very Rare
5. Brenda
6. Afro
7. Dang
8. Greyhound
9. Support-a-Man
10. Cowboy
11. Blues X-Man
12. Dissect
13. Feeling of Love
14. Sweat
15. Waterman/Get With IT
16. Vacuum of Loneliness
17. Instro-Mental
18. World of Sex
19. The Flavor
20. Ditch
21. 78 Style
22. Son of a Bitch
23. Wriggle and Move
24. Train
25. Exploder
26. Trash
27. Whaamajamma

This show was previously released as the bootleg "Don't Cramp My Style", and we can't have those bastards making anymore money now that the world has high-speed internet. This show is available lossless at Dime, if you don't know what I mean, read the white "BitTorrent howto" link on the right.

If you don't own any Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, I would start with the classic '93 album Extra Width. It's not available from the official site, but that site does have T-shirts and other music and stuff, check the buttons on the right side.

Thanks to flickr user seretuaccidente for the JSBX grafitti pic.


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Thanks for Jon Spencer.
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