A Birthday Mix

Yeah for me. I've managed to keep this blog going for a year now, and my download numbers keep increasing, so it's good to know I can still turn people onto music, take them on a slightly different musical journey than they would have. People always have a curious reaction when they first hear the name Funeral Pudding. It is actually an album by one of my all-time favorite bands, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - from San Francisco and often on Matador Records. The odd juxtaposition of words is what always caused it to stick in my mind, and when I needed a name for my old college radio show, it worked, especially with my oh-so-clever tagline "as commercial radio kills music...". So anyways, here's a couple of tracks from TFUL282's Funeral Pudding (buy):

TFUL282 "Waited Too Long"

TFUL 282 "23 Kings Crossing"

And here's a special birthday mix, it's quite nice if I do say so myself (go here and click "download now"):

My first post was also a mix, and amazingly those original fileden links still seem to be working. It'll have to do for Christmas this season, because this year I'm working on a Festivus mix...



I was thinking about this year's releases, reading some early lists, and catching up on some albums I might have missed or not explored enough. One of my favorite's was San, from japan's DJ Klock, finally released in America, just before his death. I was looking for something more from him or the group Cacoy he was a part of. San was released on Ropeadope Records, who have a regular page and forward-thinking Digital page, as well as artist-friendly terms, and I found this sampler:

...but that's a small selection of the mp3s they have available on their site (which definitely makes exploring it more worthwhile), just look around - on many album info pages you'll find mp3s, too. The music selection is indie and eclectic, but seems to have a good deal of avant-garde, DJ, and jazz- inspired artists, including DJ Logic; Medeski, Martin, and Wood; and Critters Buggin (who I love and saw in 2000 - TFUL282 opened, but lost track of). Ropeadope released the last Critters Buggin album (and links to a new DVD), and on the album info page (buy it) I found this mp3 sample:


And I just came across this at WFMU, possibly the most hilarious remix contest ever:

Whether you decide to try to remix yourself or not, just listening to the sound clip alone is worth the visit.


Brown Whornet is Back Hitting the Streets

Austin avant-meisters Brown Whornet (myspace) are like creeper weed: you kind of go "what the fuck? not bad..." at first, but slowly it envelops you. The faux-crooning and musical weirdness and tongues in cheek start to warble your own sensibilities a bit, and this is a good thing. Fans of Ween, Zappa, and Mr. Bungle / Fantomas should really like them, but they do have their own peculiarities, both musically and in their presentation. Chicago Reader says: "Brown Whörnet mangle free jazz, luv-me-baby R & B, parodically straight hardcore, and something that sounds like Yes on a boom box whose batteries are dying are all in their arsenal." They do musical scores for old silent movies ("Nosferatu"-1922, "The Adventures of Prince Achmed"-1926, and "The Lost World"-1925), their live shows often see costumes and slide slows, and have been as likely as (my heroes) TFUL282 (who they've toured with, along with Melt-Banana and Wesley Willis) to use outtakes from the studio or even a late-night hotel jam sessions on their releases. Brown Whornet have been on hiatus for a while, but are back with a series of new releases that they are making available as free downloads. They've got about 300 hours of audio that they're going to be releasing - two episodes a month, each episode containing more musical ideas than most bands' discographies. Releases like this are normally known as a podcasts, only, of course, these are called Brownloads. And to celebrate, they're playing a rare show Saturday night in Austin, I can't wait.

Although for some reason this stuff's not linked to on their main page, don't miss the other page with a Brown Whornet jukebox, plus downloads available HERE and HERE

This is a newer song that was a track of the week at garageband.com earlier this year:

And these are from a couple of older albums, the first three from Now I have A Pussy (funniest album cover of all time) and the fourth from Emena Pesticode, and both are available as a package deal along with a cassette as a Valupack HERE, along with lots of other releases sure to make your collection a bit more interesting.

Brown Whornet "Lik mye balls"

Brown Whornet "Outside World"

Brown Whornet "assboss"

Brown Whornet "Surf Song"

The first track holds special meaning to me - in 2002 I was doing my first stint on college radio before eventually moving to England for a bit, but before I left this was the last track I played.

Visit the Brown Whornet shop.


Two Compilation Albums For Free Download

Sorry for the lag, I've been using a lot of my storage space for the Booty Patrol. You should head over there at once and download the new of Montreal tribute album Aluminum Plums (and the several concerts available there). This tribute really is better than many others I've heard - the musicianship is elevated, and there's a good range of periods in of Montreal's music, and in the interpretations, and also a good range of experience levels - from bedroom recordings to an acapella group to Pitchfork-worthy bands like Tokyo's Elekibass and former of Montreal member Jason NeSmith's band Casper and the Cookies, who deliver a jaw-dropping version of "Penelope" that jumps across genres like a frog on a lilypad, from funk to alt-rock to Queen to bluegrass to reggae to heavy metal to chamber music, all effortlessly and without sounding contrived, just an enjoyable exploration of where that song can go. Here's that song, the album's closer, and the opening track, from Mimi and Flo mastermind Jeff Maksym:

Also, beloved Bay Area label Three Ring Records has a free sampler album available on emusic. I previously featured another great (charity) compilation from them, featuring Rogue Wave and other great Bay Area artists. Three Ring was recently voted "Best Local Label" by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, who say "An impeccable design theme (circus nostalgia - how can you lose?), a community-oriented approach to music production and marketing, and some rockin' and folkin' good tunes from the likes of Rykarda Parasol and Boyskout make Three Ring Records our tune-savvy readers' favorite this year." Here's a couple of my favorites: Scrabbel (with Aislers Set keyboardist Dan Lee), and The Ebb and Flow (from download.com: "backhandedly progressive brand of indie pop... so catchy, you might not spot the avant-garde", don't miss Sam Tsitrin's side project We Is Shore Dedicated - mp3):