Christmas Mix

Well, the first post, and boy-o-eee it's a doozie! A big mix of Christmas tunes delivered to you by a heathen, complete with a fancy cover. I tried to find a still of the scene where Billy Bob tells the big saleslady that, well, her pipes ain't gonna be working right down below, but oh well. I actually did an award-winning story in high school (well over a decade ago now) about a Santa fired from his job, getting drunk, scratching some records, and then blowing up Macy's. Of course, I could have fleshed it out into a screenplay if I had Billy Bob and Bernie Mac and the little fella to work with, but I don't think I could come up with a funnier Christmas moment than Santa doing a woman in the butt in a dressing room and uttering the words, "you ain't gonna shit right for a week."

As for the tunes, I especially like the Cosmicity and Wiggles songs.

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great tunes!