Polvo Reforming... Even More

So you may have already heard... Explosions In The Sky is curating the upcoming All Tomorrow's Parties, to take place a month from now. They were asked who they wanted to be on their bill, and from what I've read it what almost an off-the-cuff joke when they suggested Polvo, who had been broken up for ten years and showed no signs of reunion. It's a shame Polvo's torch hasn't been carried nearly a tenth as brightly as their contemporaries The Pixies and Pavement, so who could blame the guys in EITSky for trying. Well, apparently that suggestion was all it took to get the ball rolling, Ash Bowie and most of the guys were up for it, and they were booked. What started as a couple of warm-up shows and the ATP gig itself has now expanded into a few more additional shows, and in Bowie's recent interview with Pitchfork, looks to be gearing up for maybe an album (full tour?). So if you see older music geeks giddy with excitement over the next few weeks, a big Polvo reformation may be why. I saw them once around '94, maybe '95, opening for Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 in Austin, I think at Liberty Lunch (RIP) if I'm not mistaken. You don't realize how monumental some of those memories will become when you're experiencing them. I'll never forget witnessing the sheer beautiful dissonant weirdness coming from Ash Bowie's guitar, and I'm giddy myself thinking about seeing it again. Please come play Austin again.

I've read a few reviews online of the following Polvo performance, it's probably their most essential live recording, if not concert. Not soundboard, but the content outweighs my other Polvo live recordings. It takes place in their Chapel Hill hometown area, at Merge Records' fifth anniversary party. I've seen it called a couple of things, especially Mergefest, but since I can't be sure I'll just call it the fifth anniversary party. Inspired covers and a couple of rare Polvo tracks mark this essential piece of indie rock history.



If you don't have any Polvo, I would probably start with Exploded Drawing, then Today's Active Lifestyles. Most of Polvo's discography is available at Merge, often with the choice of mp3, flac, or CD.

And here are the confirmed upcoming Polvo shows:

May 9 Washington, DC - Black Cat
May 10 Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle
May 16-18 Minehead, England - Butlins Holiday Resort (Explosions in the Sky All Tomorrow's Parties)
May 29-31 Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound Festival (ATP stage)
June 20 Cambridge, MA - Middle East
June 21 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
June 25 Chicago, IL - Subterranean


Anonymous said...

Today's Active Lifestyles is my favorite album ever.This Eclipse and Celebrate The New Dark Age are better than Exploded Drawing in my opinion.Main advice for people who'd like to discover Polvo : avoid Shapes.
Thanks for promoting this band!

Anonymous said...

dont listen to the last post. Any of Polvo's albums will make you an appreciator. Shapes is an amazing album. Why would this person say different. Opinions are like, so subjective...

kevindotsaville said...

oh, the panning of the show is kinda ordinary. While the wave form doesn't show this, Just bump it to the left bu 40 on Audacity, bosst the gain a few decibels and it'll sound apples.