Ultimate 80's Midsummer's Night

Most 80's mixes are crap. Even mixes with several or even mostly good bands often have stinkers included, or too obvious song choices. Here I've chosen mostly familiar bands, but tried not to pick the biggest hits (tracks 2&3 are arguably those bands' second biggest hits). The first few songs I chose had a kind of nighttime feel, so I stuck with that, and made sure they were songs I was already familiar with and hadn't gotten sick of, that would stand the test of even more time.

And I wasn't planning on doing a new mix right now, I had seen Muxtape, on Boing Boing and forgot about it, and then my friend Daniella clued the rest of us at the Townhall in, so once again I'm a day late but somehow catch up. Muxtape is great for what it is: a simple interface for creating and sharing mixtapes online. A batch upload feature would be nice, and to be honest, in the end if it's a mix I like I'd rather just download the songs and have them, mixtapes should in a way be free like that, but I see where Muxtapes is trying to stay afloat and not draw the labels' wrath, by linking to where you can purchase the mp3 online. But - since this is the greatest 80's mix of all time, I'm uploading it to Muxtape and providing it for download here, but if you want to give something back to the artist, buy the songs you love

To listen to the songs individually, go to muxtape.com

To download the whole mix, click below:

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