Tap Tap

Tap Tap pretty much follows my M.O.: Hear one or two tracks from a band, absolutely love those tracks for a while, and take my damn sweet time finally getting around to check out the album. I think this blog's motto should simply be "better late than never". I'm pretty sure I picked up my Tap Tap tracks at Catbirdseat, I think the guy from Catbirdseat released Tap Tap's debut LP here in the US... about two years ago. I've finally I've gotten hold of Lanzafame, and it's superb. I'm not going to do justice to this music with words, that much is clear, most superlatives would be too over-the-top for the slightly understated music, but I don't want to downplay the gloriousness, either - and I just can't nail down the bands I want to compare them to, and even if I did, I think Tap Tap are probably better than the comparisons. They're definitely better than most of the new crap I hear today. Make up your own mind:

Tap Tap are from Reading, England, and fronted by one Thomas Sanders, who also is in Pete and the Pirates [myspace], who, judging from what I've heard, I like just about as much as Tap Tap, but apparently Pete and the Pirates are bigger (if Myspace comments are a measure), and have several big festival stops lined up this summer. Leave it to me to fall in love with a 2 year old side project that may never see the light of day again (Tap Tap had their own site at one time but the domain is now expired). Kind of reminds me of the Joggers offshoot Cajun Gems. BTW - I was trying to wait to get the Joggers live concert audio, to go with the interview, but whether it comes or not - Joggers interview THIS WEEK - that's a promise.

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Noah said...

Check out the Cajun Gems' myspace again. It says they've been signed!