Big Dipper Reunion

Back in the late 80's I was getting most of my music from MTV's 120 Minutes (when it was good), recording each week two hours of videos not usually seen at any other time on MTV. Stuff that seems essential now like the Pixies and the Stone Roses could usually only be discovered for those two hours, most often on Sunday nights. One video and song that I always loved was "Faith Healer" from Big Dipper, I played that VHS video scores of times before finally hearing the LP. I remember scouring the new and used "cassette" stores (cuz that's what they were) trying to find a copy of Big Dipper's Heavens (Plus Boo Boo), which I later learned was an album called Heaven with the previous EP Boo Boo tacked on the end, which ended up kicking the ass of most everything else around at the time. It is pure 80's power-pop, and as I listen again its lack of gaudiness and pure inventive rock has let it age quite well. A cursory google search will show you Big Dipper is regarded often as one of the best bands of the 80's, and even more often as one of the "top 10 bands from Boston of all time". And they are reuniting for three shows in a couple of weeks:

04.24.2008 - Hoboken NJ @ Maxwell's
04.25.2008 - Brooklyn NY @ Southpaw
04.26.2008 - Cambridge MA @ Middle East Downstairs

Don't miss this rare chance to see real 80's legends, I wouldn't if I was on the East Coast. Big Dipper's Merge page also shows the track listing for the just-released Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology - 3 CD Set, available direct from Merge on mp3, flac, or CD.

And Merge also has another track from Heavens (and the anthology) called "She's Fetching" for mp3 download at the BD Merge page, and other notes about the upcoming reunion. And here's the video for "Faith healer", too, kind of low sound, but something just great about it that still gets me even on what must be my 50th viewing of it:


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to share my new blog with your readers. It’s called Mystic Chords Of Memory and I’m planning on posting a show or two every day. Hope you and your readers check it out.


funeralpudding said...

Since it's named after such a great band, I'll post that link. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks! I just came across your blog last week and I'm really digging the selection of shows. Keep up the great work!