Baby, It's Cold Outside

...so come dip yourself in some warm pudding! Here's three sunny tracks to lift your spirits. This first may be the most obscure thing I'll ever post. It's a brand new band I found on Myspace, from San Fransisco, called We Is Shore Dedicated. Their page currently has less than fifty views and this song has around a dozen listens... I really like it how instead of the same usual staged or goofy photos they artfully use imagery from the classic film "Battleship Potemkin". This song is quite nice, starts off warm and soft, kind of reminds me of some of Paul Weller's newer solo stuff, and then Neil Young when the drums kick in... just don't tune away before the beautiful chorus!

And if that doesn't warm your spirits, here's one of my favorite songs that I discovered last year. It's on the first comp from Skybucket Records (a Birmingham, AL-based indie label, also w/ the Dexateens) and it's from Taylor and the Puffs, as in Taylor Hollingsworth And The Spidereaters. You can listen to the other songs on the Taylor and the Puffs CD and buy it for dirt-cheap from cdbaby.

I picked up the Skybucket comp for free at SXSW last year, and it comes with a reminder: you don't need that expensive SXSW pass to have a good time! Last year during one daytime jaunt I saw mostly totally free shows including: The Joggers (loove), of Montreal (from outside), Hot Chip, Patton Oswalt, the Polysics, an Animal Collective soundcheck (from the fence), and Rogue Wave. Not complete sets, but all the better to keep you moving around to see more action! And to bring this full circle, Rogue Wave released this summery track recently on the album "At The Crossroads: A Benefit For Homeless Youth", released by San Fransisco-based Three Ring Records, the label which most likely will end up signing We Is Shore Dedicated:

Hard to imagine buying this at any retailer, since you can buy this CD strait from the label for twelve bucks - and EVERY PENNY GOES DIRECTLY TO HELP HOMELESS YOUTH !!!

Now that's definitely something to keep you (and someone in need) warm on these cold nights!


24bitfallacy said...

Favorites of mine they are...

funeralpudding said...

Yeah, I didn't realize at first that the WISD is one of the guys from the Ebb and Flow - no wonder I like it so much

Anonymous said...

hey friends, thanks for the post,
We Is Shore Dedicated is proud to announce the mastering and full album availability on
free for all, the pinko way!