Cruisin with Trans Am (& Dungen)

Sometimes when I listen to Trans Am I get the feeling I'm in the imaginary backseat of one of Crockett and Tubbs' Ferraris, peeling down the streets of Miami, sometimes when manic energy, sometimes an erie brooding, often a line of coke on the way to some fabulous party or rougher predicament, only imaginary coke that doesn't suck balls the way the real stuff does, and it's dark and I tilt my head back and let the highway lights roll off my face... on the last album we let our instrumental groove get sidetracked when the guys from Trans Am got so mad at their president that they had to get vocal, but now it's back to the faux-80's cheesedick (in a good way) party, on their eighth album, released today, called "Sex Change"

Different fine feelings are felt from faraway Sweden, which is experiencing a surge in its artists' popularity, especially Jens Lekman, Peter Bjorn & John, and Dungen (pronounced doon-yun). Dungen will be releasing their fifth album (and the follow up to their unexpected indie-smash "Ta Det Lungt") on May 1. It's called "Tio Bitar" ("10 pieces"), and from what I've heard it's for the most part much more spacey than Ta Det Lungt, although this track shows they will still be bringing their monster rock hooks:

I wish I spoke Swedish, from what I've read their lyrics are actually intelligent words about common music themes, not fighting mystical beasts. Some of the new spacier Dungen mp3s and some good info can be found at Obscure Sound.

You can not only buy the new Trans Am direct from Thrill Jockey but listen to the rest of "Sex Change" there, too! Trans Am are just beginning a huge Europe/US tour, don't miss 'em... Haven't seen preorders for the Dungen yet, but Insound has a ton of Dungen stuff.

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