The Game of of Montreal Part 6

Whew, finally, the last part. Sorry again about the wait, I had to juggle a couple of things, I think you'll be pleased in the end. Remember, if you know anyone who you think will enjoy this, the mp3 links should all still work as long as they last at fileden. And if I have to say it again, do not miss of Montreal on this tour (or any), it's not like any other concert you've ever witnessed. When they swing back through Texas and towards the East Coast, they'll be joined by Grand Buffet, who put on a rollicking hip-hop show opening for of Montreal on the last jaunt through Austin, and Tokyo-based Elekibass, who, if my internet research is correct, also opened for of Montreal on the East Coast in 2001. What I've heard from them sounds really great, apparently they hooked up through the label that releases of Montreal in Japan.

Go to this page. There's a list of bands Elekibass loves and right below that a list of instruments they use. The clue is the last instrument.



Anonymous said...

hi there,

thanks so much for the posts of the show! sounds great and I loved the thrill of the hunt findin clues. are the mp3 files for part 6 still up? I forgot to check back until today, got through all clues/pages and the last one was just blank. thanks a million!

funeralpudding said...

The mp3s for the whole game are still up, as should be as long as they work from fileden.com. All the pages will work as long as the mp3s are still up, on the page with the long paragraph there is one word in the entire thing you need to click on. Hope it's been fun, not too annoying, thanks again for all the thanks, but I think by now you know what to do with them. (covert them into cash for of Montreal)