The Game of of Montreal Part 3

Alright, I can see from the numbers we have a nice, small class here today, probably all smart people, so let's move it up a small notch. Kevin Barnes has been doing some collaborating on the side with Andrew from MGMT in a project that was once called Ocelot Fang. On of Montreal's Wikipedia page, the documentation used to prove the (all-important life-changing) "notability" of Ocelot Fang, usually required to be from established media and the like, funnily enough comes from the E6 Townhall. BP from of Montreal ("Give it to me, Brian") is a member there, and chimes in often. The link where Ocelot Fang is discussed on the Of Montreal Townhall can be found on the of Montreal Wikipedia page, just go there and find where Ocelot Fang is mentioned, the link will be the number 1 in brackets. Read the discussion. On 9-21-06 BP writes about a change in Ocelot Fang's name.

The third clue is the new name of the Kevin / Andrew collaboration (of course with no spaces, lower case):


And by the way, a reminder this part is the last of the bass guitar problems, by the last track it's perfect: Of Montreal "We Were Born The Mutants Again With Leafling" (SA '07)

"I Thought I Told You To Stay Off My Fucking Yard"


Anonymous said...

Thanks, dude. These have been awesome, and are much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I'm learning a lot as we go. Fun stuff. Play on!