The Game of of Montreal Part 2

This part and the next are the only two (out of 6 parts total) with some minor bass guitar problems. This was most likely due to a bad connection somewhere in or near the soundboard, not human error, and did not effect the sound in the room, and again, if you've already heard "Moonage Daydream" you know the recording eventually sounds perfect. The quality of this is due completely to of Montreal's talented sound guy, who has more to juggle now with the band than ever, including controlling some prerecorded parts on CD. Also, I'm not sure exactly what happens during "The Party's Crashing Us Now", but I was right next to the sound man and he was throwing faders like crazy to fix it, and it's a funny listen. And he also took the time to make dedicated adjustments so this recording would be as good as it is. Be sure to say hi to him if you see him at the show, maybe buy him a beer in thanks.

On of Montreal's Myspace page, there are eight friends listed. One of these is of Montreal's sound man. The clue is this person's first name (in his "about me" he says he is a "sound man").



Anonymous said...

So the band is cool with sbd recordings? I'm going to the show on saturday night and I was hoping to get a recording.

funeralpudding said...

I definitely cannot speak for the band about that, you'd have to ask them. Do these things: Show up to the show early and see if BP is available. I know for a fact that the band (Kevin) is cool with video, I don't see and haven't seen that they've minded audience recordings (get near the back near the soundboard for this and try to have your mic above the crowd noise), but this is the first soundboard recording of theirs I've come across. You have to realize, people are on ebay all the time selling bootlegs, and the better the quality the more demand there will be... people will always try to find ways to make a buck, especially if they can hop on some talented artist's back and ride them to the bank without the artist ever being aware a ride was given, much less compensated for it. So, 1) try to get with BP before the show, either in person or through the internet / Myspace. Even if they're cool with recording, they need to let the venue know that so you're not stopped on your way in with equipment. 2) IF sbd is cool with them... the most important thing is to have a level meter on your recorder. If you record strait out of the back of a soundboard, it will be too loud and will almost definitely come out distorted and like crap and you will cry many, many tears. Whatever you're using has to have either a built-in input meter or use something with an audio in and out that has one, like a stereo receiver (hopefully small, although I lugged what seemed like 100 lbs. of reel-to-reel to this show).

But remember, the absolutely most important thing is that no matter how it turns out, you have to give me a copy :]