This Is The Shiiiiiiit

Edit: The artist known as DJ Klock took his own life on April 10, 2007, leaving behind a wife and child (and a lot of musical promise)

His name is DJ Klock. Hype Machine reveals only two other blogs with his mp3s. And he may be getting ready to take over the world. Of course, I thought Cornelius was going to take over the world, but this Japanese experimental turntablism is so new and exciting that it will be even harder to ignore. It's not going to take away the macho posturing and vibrato-warble of American Top 40, but surely if enough producers hear it, they will have no choice but be influenced by the weight of its genius. Klock has recently released his third album (also feat. his band Trilo), but first in the States, called "San"... it's cohesive, but the tracks are varied. It's got the experimentalism of Otomo Yoshihide mixed with physical beats that don't so much assault your booty as lull your head into gyration, with lots of live instrumentation (flutes, toy piano, Japanese instruments, etc.) and samples (like the sounds of a child) to give his electronic music a much more organic sound than most. There's a lot of panning (left and right) which makes headphone listening that much more enjoyable.

Doing some online research I found this good article about DJ Klock from Spin Science (and the mp3 below, and a pic of Klock with his Dachsund : ] ) and some good info on the label that is releasing "San" in the US, Ropeadope Records (w/ a DJ Klock page + another Klock mp3 + see their myspace for some DJ Logic)... their news page explains they don't do many CDs anymore, mostly digital releases ("San" is available in both), two albums on the first Tuesday of every month, letting the artists own their own masters. Now that's indie spirit!

There's not much about Klock on the internet right now, but that should be changing soon, he is huge in alternative Japan and has done collaborating with DJ Krush and his list of partners and releases is just beginning, keep on the lookout! I found two videos of DJ Klock on Youtube, the first one is the video for the first track on "San", called "Theme" (the other mp3 at Ropeadope), and is done by the art collaborative Barnstormers, who also did the artwork for the release version of "San" pictured above.

and this one from a Klock side project called Cacoy, video by Danish artists Ufex:

Like I said, not a whole lot else online right now. Klock's website doesn't seem to be up at the moment, and for goodness sake don't expect to find more information at www.djklock.com:

... I don't know if this guy has any idea he shares the same name with one of the most groundbreaking musicians working today, although it would be cool if the Japanese Klock brought glow sticks and prizes for everybody! Eh, screw it, this music is prize enough.

You can buy DJ Klock's "San" (and another album on vinyl) at Ropeadope Records
, either on CD or as a digital download.


Rasmus said...

Dj Klock is no longer here in this life as we know it. It was good to read this good post about his works!

lets help each other to remember him



Rasmus / Rumraket

funeralpudding said...

Damn. Thanks for letting me know. I think the musical promise he left behind is not as sad as the wife and child he did the same to.