The Game of of Montreal Part 4

Instead of making a clue or something out of it, I'll just recommend again that you read this page before (re)hearing Moonage Daydream, some good info, like the song sampled for Bowie's original. This part will be, like the others, very simple, and even more fun, even if you've already been to this site coming up and seen the sights they're always fun to see again. For those who don't know, virtually all of of Montreal's art is done by Kevin Barnes's brother David Barnes. It is cartoonish and whimsical and wonderful, and as you'll see at the site if you haven't before, he does custom portraits for people based on a photograph and their interests, very, very cool, a reasonable price for the time and talent it takes, and you can check out some of the examples he has. Go to his site The Bee With Wheels. After you click on the image and go to the main page, you'll see a two-headed elephant at the bottom. Click on that for an illustrated story of David's life.

The clue is the (last) name of the person whose "strange dreams" inspire David's art.


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