This Holiday Is Safe As F"@k

I think it's a holiday today or sum shits, I wouldn't know, innit, right, cuz me wife is fookin safe. Sorry, been listening to Goldie Lookin' Chain again. But it's true, innit, me and me wife even likes celebrating Christmas more on the 26th cause she don't buy that lie neither, right, and da deals are cheaper and it's da troof, man, she'd rather have genuine, constant, and spontaneous love than to not question why these dates is the main ones that seems to matter in the minds of the unquestioning. So what better way to kick off this phoney holiday than with some Welsh hip-hop? To understand it, you've got's ta understand Wales... western part of the UK, a lot of countryside, often derided by British urban dwellers, so to have the UK's best hip-hop come from there is something else. The Welsh are certainly a proud people, and, as anybody, love it when one of their own makes good in the world, like the Super Furry Animals. I heard Gruff Rhys from SFA doing a radio interview with XFM (uk) in about 2004, and when asked what other Welsh band he saw making it big, he said Goldie Lookin Chain, and while American audiences for the most part haven't caught on, you'd be hard pressed to find a British kid who didn't know the words to "Your Mother's Got A Penis". So why am I talking about them? Because they have released a special Valentine's Day-only track (video) from their website: www.youknowsit.co.uk ... just in case you were wondering what The Maggot and Mike Balls had to say about love. It's a nice little ditty, LL Cool J sampled, surprisingly free of sarcasm or a punch in the belly or a fat spleef at the end. Although it's hard to say that it beats this classic, of which I couldn't find my original, just the radio edit version we had gotten in at the old radio station, so any college DJs out there will be able to play this one tonight to their special someones:

"I loves you more than I loves my bong..."

Don't miss their fan-art gallery, which the above pic came from. In other indie V-day news, They Might Be Giants have a great love song that they wrote as a wedding gift for the friends of friends, wonderful wise-sage lyrics, you can hear it on the TMBG myspace page, and they have a track called "Valentine" on their newest podcast, which is always a fun listen anyways. If you live in St. Louis, don't miss the free TMBG show Feb. 17th!!! ALSO: Quarterlifeparty has two mixes for a holiday some people choose to acknowledge, one pro and one anti, check it out.

And here's a couple from Ween, for no particular reason today, from the God Ween Satan album... "You Fucked Up" starts the album off, but I think they got it in the wrong order, I like it better this way with the guy still kind of goofy during "Don't Laugh>>>" and then freaking out at the end and then launching into "You Fucked Up". Hard to believe these are almost twenty years old:

Aww, fuck it, let's just be sweet today (for no reason):

...and Honey, if you're reading this, I was thinking for no particular reason whatsoever that we could do some roasted lamb and potatoes and parsnips tonight, and a pumpkin pie with a gluten-free ginger snap crust, and watch Lost, and don't forget: tomorrow's all the candy sales! And may I again, for no particular reason whatsoever on this day my wonderfully cynical, beautiful, sweet, amazing wife, have Brak speak for me:

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Brak is da bomb.