Calling All Apples In Stereo Fans!

There should be a good name for us, something to do with worms... if you haven't heard, there is finally a decent fan tribute album to the Apples In Stereo being worked on, called A Tribute In Stereo, and by decent I mean more than a few songs, although the quality of what I've heard is really good... I hope it doesn't dissuade other Worm-heads (eh) from plugging in their crappy Casios and using online synths and sound effects or just singing acapella with their sister in the shower, in fact I for one am really hoping to see more lo-fi stuff, so if you're interested in the slightest, please don't hesitate to head over to the Apples Townhall and read the Tribute thread to see rules and what songs have been taken, and get your submission in by this Friday! (and if you are a fan and haven't been to the Townhall, you should easily find lots of other good stuff to listen to there.)

By now you may have heard the Apples In Stereo have released their sixth studio album, "New Magnetic Wonder". To be honest, I'm not sure exactly how it works or who releases what where, but it is being simultaneously released under the labels of (the reborn) Elephant 6, Yep Roc, and Elijah Wood's new label Simian. It is mindful of the original communal spirit of the Elephant 6 collective, is the first release in some time to feature the old Elephant 6 logo, and features a host of E6 heavyweights including Jeff Mangum, W. Cullen Hart, and Bill Doss (who has now started playing live with the Apples). Robert Schneider ("the man") has also included on this album some of his newer experiments with musical scales. You can read about it and other good album info at Yep Roc (96 tracks for "Same Old Drag" ?!?), as well as buy "New Magnetic Wonder" there as a download, CD, or on vinyl.

I can't hear "Same Old Drag", one of my favorites on the album, and not think of this crazy homemade video that's been on youtube for a few weeks. And if this isn't the real (MTV) video for this song, it needs to be...

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