I was thinking about this year's releases, reading some early lists, and catching up on some albums I might have missed or not explored enough. One of my favorite's was San, from japan's DJ Klock, finally released in America, just before his death. I was looking for something more from him or the group Cacoy he was a part of. San was released on Ropeadope Records, who have a regular page and forward-thinking Digital page, as well as artist-friendly terms, and I found this sampler:

...but that's a small selection of the mp3s they have available on their site (which definitely makes exploring it more worthwhile), just look around - on many album info pages you'll find mp3s, too. The music selection is indie and eclectic, but seems to have a good deal of avant-garde, DJ, and jazz- inspired artists, including DJ Logic; Medeski, Martin, and Wood; and Critters Buggin (who I love and saw in 2000 - TFUL282 opened, but lost track of). Ropeadope released the last Critters Buggin album (and links to a new DVD), and on the album info page (buy it) I found this mp3 sample:


And I just came across this at WFMU, possibly the most hilarious remix contest ever:

Whether you decide to try to remix yourself or not, just listening to the sound clip alone is worth the visit.

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