A Birthday Mix

Yeah for me. I've managed to keep this blog going for a year now, and my download numbers keep increasing, so it's good to know I can still turn people onto music, take them on a slightly different musical journey than they would have. People always have a curious reaction when they first hear the name Funeral Pudding. It is actually an album by one of my all-time favorite bands, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - from San Francisco and often on Matador Records. The odd juxtaposition of words is what always caused it to stick in my mind, and when I needed a name for my old college radio show, it worked, especially with my oh-so-clever tagline "as commercial radio kills music...". So anyways, here's a couple of tracks from TFUL282's Funeral Pudding (buy):

TFUL282 "Waited Too Long"

TFUL 282 "23 Kings Crossing"

And here's a special birthday mix, it's quite nice if I do say so myself (go here and click "download now"):

My first post was also a mix, and amazingly those original fileden links still seem to be working. It'll have to do for Christmas this season, because this year I'm working on a Festivus mix...


Anonymous said...

Actually the links don't work any more. It says you've exceeded your bandwidth and I'd love the Beef Wellington remix! Can you repost?

funeralpudding said...

I don't have those files anymore except on fileden. I logged in, it says the download limit will be reset in 9 days, which would make it around the 22nd, maybe 23rd.

funkycow said...

Ahhhh, wonderful. I've waited too long for Waited Too Long. I remember this from a BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey alternative show many years ago and have had most of it on a C90. In the spirit of turning people onto new music, where would you recommend starting with TFU?

funeralpudding said...

I would probably start with "Strangers From The Universe", probably the most easily digestable TFUL282 album, and then the album just before that, "Mother of All Saints", probably the most insane one.