Two Compilation Albums For Free Download

Sorry for the lag, I've been using a lot of my storage space for the Booty Patrol. You should head over there at once and download the new of Montreal tribute album Aluminum Plums (and the several concerts available there). This tribute really is better than many others I've heard - the musicianship is elevated, and there's a good range of periods in of Montreal's music, and in the interpretations, and also a good range of experience levels - from bedroom recordings to an acapella group to Pitchfork-worthy bands like Tokyo's Elekibass and former of Montreal member Jason NeSmith's band Casper and the Cookies, who deliver a jaw-dropping version of "Penelope" that jumps across genres like a frog on a lilypad, from funk to alt-rock to Queen to bluegrass to reggae to heavy metal to chamber music, all effortlessly and without sounding contrived, just an enjoyable exploration of where that song can go. Here's that song, the album's closer, and the opening track, from Mimi and Flo mastermind Jeff Maksym:

Also, beloved Bay Area label Three Ring Records has a free sampler album available on emusic. I previously featured another great (charity) compilation from them, featuring Rogue Wave and other great Bay Area artists. Three Ring was recently voted "Best Local Label" by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, who say "An impeccable design theme (circus nostalgia - how can you lose?), a community-oriented approach to music production and marketing, and some rockin' and folkin' good tunes from the likes of Rykarda Parasol and Boyskout make Three Ring Records our tune-savvy readers' favorite this year." Here's a couple of my favorites: Scrabbel (with Aislers Set keyboardist Dan Lee), and The Ebb and Flow (from download.com: "backhandedly progressive brand of indie pop... so catchy, you might not spot the avant-garde", don't miss Sam Tsitrin's side project We Is Shore Dedicated - mp3):

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