The Game of of Montreal Guide + DJ Jester's set

Excited yet? I am, and I've already heard the whole show! Local boy DJ Jester (left) opened the show, he had also opened for Of Montreal when I saw them last in Austin, he's kickass. His set started off with a nice short mix of Neutral Milk Hotel's "King Of Carrot Flowers". He did better with "All My Exes" the last time I heard him, but I especially like the "Fraggle Rock" > "Word Up" mix in this one. If you don't need the primer below you can download the whole set here.

And just in case any of you are confused and don't want to admit it, here's

"The Game of of Montreal For Dummies"

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me. This will be very, very easy. All of the files in the Game Of Of Montreal will be stored at fileden.com, and you should be able to play the game as long as the links are still good. Let me know if your already into the game and the links aren't working. It will be widely available in the bittorrent circuit in the weeks after the close of the game, but again, the mp3s of this show here should still be working and it shouldn't take much time to play the whole game and get all the parts.

In the game, you'll go somewhere on the web, in this case let's say DJ Jester's Myspace page. The question could be Q: "What is DJ Jester's nickname?" A: The Filipino ___. The answer and clue is "fist" (all clues lowercase). Then you would take this text:


... and copy and paste it into your address bar. Then delete the blanks (underlines) and replace them with the clue. So in this case you should have this text in your address bar:


Hit enter. If it doesn't work, you either have the clue wrong or you've deleted or added a space somewhere in your address bar. The blue text is the song links. Right-click on the song and choose "Save As..." to download it. Have fun. Make a copy for a friend. Buy your Of Montreal concert ticket now if it's not already sold out! For now, "Of Montreal is in the building, San Antonio".

In other news, Iggy Pop and the Stooges are putting out their first album in 33 years, click here to try it out. I'm going to see Chuck D speak today. He's loud. Anybody catch Swedish "new thing" Peter, Bjorn, and John on Conan O' Brien? I'm still whistling that tune. Also something cool I noticed: Besides vocals they only have a bass, drums, and congo... the synthesizer sounds are all played by the drummer on an electronic drum pad. Cool idea, nice song. Did I mention the Game Of Of Montreal starts tomorrow?

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