of Montreal - San Antonio - Jan 21, 2007 - tease

I had to just get something out quickly. Hopefully by tomorrow evening I will have transcribed interviews with Kevin, BP, and Jamey, give me a day or two for that. I don't have pictures of the show, but eventually a killer video will be made. I still need to compare this analog source to the digital and it'll be at least a week before the whole show is ready, but after listening to it, I just have to spoil it with this highlight, Kevin Barnes's alter ego Georgie Fruit finally owning up to being the bastard son of Ziggy Stardust. Info on the song can be found here.


24bitfallacy said...

Sounds so pretty and clean! Great job with the new found reel to reel. You know, you could send me the wave files and I could master it for you, but it does sound pretty good as is!

funeralpudding said...

Well, you can hear a bit of the hiss at the beginning, I'm convinced either the bias or EQ button got pushed on the reel-to-reel from where I had it (by the way, a Pioneer RT-909, the top 1/4 inch consumer line ever produced, although I thought my father-in-law's back was going to break when he emerged from his bedroom to give it to me. The nightmare of what I had to do to change the belt on this just days before the show can be found here:
http://tinyurl.com/yqzxw3... on brand new RMGI EMTEC tape, which from what I've read is the top choice), but it does have warmth, and as John Peel said in one of my favorite quotes, "yes, there's surface noise, but life has surface noise." The digital from Pat's Ipod may be what is eventually released as the whole show (or use his protools setup for the digital transfer), I still need to compare them, but this was easy to just hook up into the line-in on the computer to get something out. Eventually a matrix will be made with camera audio mixed in, especially to help fix the major bass guitar problems that you will see occur in the beginning middle of the show. Although this pure soundboard recording will provide an interesting mix in the two tracks where the bass guitar is virtually nonexistant. But thanks!

Ryan of the RSL blog said...

Great find and very nice page. I will stop in again soon.

Best regards!

Andy said...

Sounds great. Waiting patiently for the whole thing. Thanks.