The Game of of Montreal begins in 2 days. Soundcheck Time.

Alright folks, here's a primer to show you how easy the Game Of Of Montreal is. Q: What is the name of Kevin Barnes's alter ego? A: Georgie _______. (The clue will be just what fills in the blank). The answer is three posts down if you don't know it already. Now copy the below link into your address bar and use the clue (lowercase) to replace the blanks. Oh yeah, hit enter.


Unlike the game, this one's at fileden.com, so it should be downloadable for a while (edit: file transfer max reached at fileden, try again Feb 26) And so this post'll hit all the mp3 aggregators and make sure fans know about the game, here's the first track, same one from the last post...

This is all copyrighted material, all rights are reserved, and trying to sell anything you are about to download from this site will result in immediate action. Hate to be nasty, but there are many unscrupulous profiteers (I call them ebay fuckwads) who must be warned in plain English. Of Montreal has been gracious enough to allow the recording to take place, please direct any and all thanks to them via the exchange of money for their albums and concert tickets. And they have some cool tote bags at the show, too. Don't forget to pick up your copy of the limited edition EP at the show if you haven't gotten it already! Regular, nice blogger people: feel free to post a few of these live tracks on your own site anytime. Everybody else: Have fun! It is the fourth word of this paragraph that you are looking for, intrepid explorer. Sorry about the wait again.


Quixotic Goat said...

genius. great idea, dude. seriously.

Freek said...

great, thanks very much for these recordings!!