Voxtrot are definitely an Austin band on the rise. They mine indie influences with an earnest attitude and chops. And a piano. Ben Folds would not be an unfair comparison, they both incorporate piano and power-pop. I like Voxtrot's active bass lines, jangly guitars and overall energetic playing, although I must say I'm more a fan of their less-brooding work, like the following two tracks. Voxtrot are on MTV and are currently opening for the Arctic Monkeys' North American Tour, but are indie enough to have released two EPs on their own record label and maintain approval from Pitchfork.

Voxtrot "Your Biggest Fan" (The 3rd EP, went to #4 on Billboard Singles charts last year)

Voxtrot "Honeybee" (Firecracker 7")

Always if possible buy direct from the band.

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