Oh No! Oh My!

Austin's Oh No! Oh My (myspace) are another band on the rise (a new song on "Weeds", tour with Au Revoir Simone and everything). Their whimsical anthems are for the most part light and refreshing, twee at times, sometimes with a few minor chords which either give way to catchy refrains like on "Our Mouths Were Wet" or "The Party Punch" on the new EP, or continue along in their emotion, like the almost British sea song-sounding James-like "I Love You All The Time" from the self-titled debut album or "Oh Be One" or "A Pirate's Anthem" on the new EP. The percussion is especially nice - easy and laid-back, with a lot of clicking, clopping and clapping, cymbals, and tambourines - usually with acoustic guitar, soothing keys, and at times Animal Collective-like whooping filling out the sound, helping keep these new songs bouyant and spright. Their debut album last year was met with wide acclaim, as is their new EP (released just last month), "Between The Devil And The Sea". The influences and approach are college-rock, and they don't take themselves too seriously, as evidenced by the track "The Bike, Sir", which is charming in its silly yet earnest nursery-like simplicity. Oh No! Oh My! make me think "my day ain't so bad." Get 'em now while they're hot here from the label Dim Mak or at iTunes. Also check their Huey Lewis cover at Stereogum.

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Jake said...

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