Back In Austin - Ringo Deathstarr

I'm settled in Austin, sorry for the delays. No more four weeks between posts. Probably more like a week, week and a half, haha... after this spurt of making it up to y'all. After this I'm going to hit some major albums of the summer that you shouldn't have missed, but for the next few posts I'm going to highlight some great bands coming out of Austin, TX.

First up is Ringo Deathstarr. The comparisons to Jesus & Mary Chain are unavoidable, and I also hear a lot of Joy Division, and those aren't two bad points of reference. It's gritty and raw and reverby. I hope to see them take it further, but for now recreating JAMC-style songs through their own kind of wall-of-fuzz is hitting my ears alright. They just played on my good friend Brian's radio show, The Casbah, which he podcasts. You can check out this show featuring Ringo Deathstarr from last Saturday night in its entirety, with three more songs and interview, HERE.

edit: I heard from Spoilt Victorian Child Records, who informed me Ringo Deathstarr's debut EP will be available shortly, by Oct. 29 on CD, iTunes, etc., to coincide with their upcoming support slots with the Dandy Warhols. And they were kind enough to offer a taste of the debut EP, here's how two of the tracks sound. I'm thrilled to hear a little bit of Church, Ride, and MBV, too in these:

and there's another mp3 over at SVC Records, the demo of "Some Kind of Sad". I definitely predict you'll be hearing more about these guys, they've just got great hooks and warm fuzz, hard to go wrong with that combo.

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