Brand New Joggers Songs!

Portland is home to both one of my favorite bands and one of the finest concert-tapers on the scene. And on April 14 at the Doug Fir in Portland they got together - The Joggers played a set including a total of FIVE brand new songs, sure to be on the anticipated third album sometime this year (hopefully), and Yltfan was there to tape the show like he usually does, with a matrix that captures the pristine sound of the soundboard, but neutralizing the sterility by blending it with a nice reverby natural room sound from audience microphones. He usually gets together with a guy I believe in Europe, Germany I think, who goes by the handle of Thir13en, and this guy often does the pro audio work. I say Germany because it seems a lot of Thirt13en's own shows come from there, fantastic old gems from bands like Pavement, recorded often probably better than many live albums. And again, for the dozenth but not last time, if you are a music nerd, you really need to be using BitTorrent, and you need a membership at DimeADozen (bookmark this link and keep trying!). It takes some patience to get this membership, but I cannot emphasize the treasures that are inside. Zomb has lots of good stuff (sometimes some Thirt13en stuff) if you're just starting off torrenting or don't have the patience to keep trying to get a Dime account. But if you're a fan of the Joggers' mindmeld of scale theatrics and proud prog roots, you'll want the Dime account because that's where you'll find the rest of this show, three more new songs and blasts from their past (and a keyboard!). See the white BitTorrent How-to on the right and join the community of uber-music nerds.

The Joggers @ Doug Fir, Portland, April 14, 2007

"Memory Brains" (?) new song

Unknown New Song

note that according to the Joggers, these are "works in progress", no doubt to sound even more urgent and kick-ass with increased separation and production on those frantic guitars and popping-tight rhythm section.

Thanks for probably the hundredth time to both Yltfan and Thir13en for using up so much of their time over the years just to bring fans all these live treasures - you are both unsung heroes of the indie community! And Sachiko-No! for her trippy picture of the Joggers playing the show the above tracks are from.

In other Joggers news, the Joggers have re-released their first self-titled album, long out of print and hard to find, along with their even rarer EP from before the name change, when they were known as Stateside. So unfortunately my previous Joggers post where i posted all the oop tracks has to be revised again, but there's still lots of music. Both the original LP and the Stateside EP are available exclusively from the band themselves - check out the Joggers' merchandise page for those and for more mp3s as well.


Noah said...

I can't seem to find the concert on dimeadozen. I could use some help finding the torrent.

funeralpudding said...

I may have jumped the gun a bit, but it should be coming to Dime very very soon. I just couldn't wait to get a couple of new tracks out, I've been waiting a couple years :-)

Noah said...

Do you think you can post on here if and when you know that it is available to be downloaded?

funeralpudding said...

Absolutely, I'll do a new post as soon as it's ready, it just had to be finalized by Thir13en, I just talked to yltfan and it will be up soon. I'd say sorry for getting hopes up soon, but as a Joggers fan you should be used to it :-)

Noah said...

Man, I hope that torrent is available before the 13th. I have a roadtrip which would be made very nice with some new live Joggers tracks.