Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz

This series of 60's reissues is similar to Nuggets: they sound like what you'd think the sixties really sounded like. It is the backing music to small-budget films of the period. Instead of the stale amalgamation of what the 60's sounded like as provided by your local oldies station, this sounds like what would be blaring out of the speakers at a real impromptu 60's drug/sex/dance bash (which are always the best kinds of bashes. Oooo, maybe with some bikers. But bikers all mellowed out on LSD) If only a few fuzzy, urgent obscurities like these could be peppered into the corporate oldies radio format, how much more listenable it would be...

Vol 1

Growing Society "Big Red Tomato"

Royal Guardsmen "Om"

Vol 2

Chancellors "5 Minus 3"

Scotland Yardleys
"Some Guys Have It Some Guys Never Will"

Buy Volume 1 & Volume 2, brought to you by Arf! Arf! Records (which looks like a great place to explore for more obscure 60's tunes on CD and rare vinyl {click 'select an area'}) by way of my good friend Brian at the Casbah. I highly recommend checking out at least one of his radio shows, which he podcasts, if you're in the mood for some oldies / rock / surf / blues / alt / jazz / local / psychedelic / good lovin/etc.

I also can't help but be reminded of the Chuck D lecture I saw earlier this year. When I asked him what new music he liked, he said that right now, he was basically too busy finding stuff from the past. Not a definite life statement, to be sure, nothing hits the ears like music and sound never heard before, but lots of things have been already been done that even you and i don't realize at this point in our musical journey. I didn't realize what those old codgers in the Grateful Dead were up to until I examined their live work, and their incredible improvisation. Explore.

edit: After looking around on the internet, I discovered the Royal Guardsmen were the ones who had the multi-million selling "Snoopy vs. Red Baron" and after reuniting at a Florida highschool reunion they decided to get back together again: www.theroyalguardsmen.com ... also the Scotland Yardleys song is originally a commercial from the 60's for Yardley's cologne, this being an instrumental version switching the vocals for the guitar lead.