Hot Chip DJs, OOIOO Still Pounding it Out

Hot Chip's latest effort is a contribution to the DJ Kicks series, with one exclusive track from the band themselves, a remix of "My Piano". I admittedly don't have enough dance music in my collection, but like any kind of music you want to explore, look to the artists you really like and see what they talk about, or in this case spin. This is a superb mix, each song flowing from one to the next, the kind of thing you need to listen to the whole album to appreciate. It's heavy on dance beats, at times a couple of tracks are too repetitious for my tastes, but on a whole it provides a wide variety of great electronic and urban artists I've never heard of, and a few I have. There's a mix of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" that's pretty faithful and the whole thing ends with Joe Jackson's "Steppin Out" which except for the intro dance beat coming out of the previous song is all the original, and then some classic boogy from Ray Charles. This is tracks 2 and 3, a great example of mixing the old and new:

Check out Covert Curiosity for some recent live Hot Chip, too. They also stopped by to talk to the Guardian Music's podcast about the new compilation, here's the link for that.

If you prefer a more tribal, hallucinatory kind of pounding dance vibe, pick up the new OOIOO EP - Yoshimi's (from the Boredoms) side project has been around for a dozen years now, but the energy is still intense, and this time they're remixed by fellow Boredom bandmate Yamatsuka Eye. There's two Eye mixes, plus two B-sides, art designed by Eye himself, and it's available for less than three bucks at Amazon.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting i got a man, i love that song. however when i download it i only get the 1st 1:10 of the song. can you repost? thanks so much!!

mike in va

funeralpudding said...

That's all of it that's on this compilation - it's a DJ set, some songs are played in their entirety, some are shorter bits like these two - put the song by Gramme right after the Positive K song in a playlist, the two songs need to flow into one another... and then after the Gramme song you'll realize you need to buy the whole CD :P

Anonymous said...

thanks for the explanation.

keep up the good work.