of Montreal @ Popfest '05

While the lineup is still being worked on for Athens Popfest 2007, the Booty Patrol is satiating the thirst for live psychedelic-tinged indie with of Montreal's performance as headliners for the 2005 Popfest. The recording was provided by HHBTM, which has a fantastic singles club and helps put on the Popfest. Here's a couple of standout tracks (the whole show is available at the Booty Patrol site):

"False Accusations"
I swear that when I heard of Montreal play this in Austin Kevin Barnes said it was a B-side of some boy band like Backstreet Boys. I googled as long as I cared to and didn't find anything. anybody know?

"A Sentence of Sorts In Kongsvinger"
One of two songs from this year's "Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer" album that make an early 2005 appearance.

"Jennifer Louise"
The only song besides "False Accusations" that hasn't been released within of Montreal's last three albums, this one is on one of my favorite albums, 2002's Aldhils Arboretum

There's also a rare performance of "Family Nouveau", too, just head over to the Booty Patrol and scroll down to their Downloads section. And head over to Polyvinyl to buy some of the meticulously crafted albums they have for your purchasing pleasure.

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Tony said...

he was probably joking, he said that a song about matchbox cars was a bob dylan song and neil young was avril lavgine's father. (as a joke)