2 Hour Mix For The Lunar Eclipse

There were two other recent total lunar eclipses, but this will be last the one for almost three years, and the U.S. is lined up to get the best views. This NASA eclipse page has some good info, including exact start times of the different phases of the eclipse. The total eclipse, where the moon is completely shadowed by the sun, will last for almost an hour, beginning right at 10:00PM EST (9:00PM CST), and this mix is designed to be started about half an hour beforehand. This is also a good time to brush up on some knowledge about our large moon - there was an excellent show on Discovery that just aired called "If We Had No Moon" (available on Youtube) that shed some light on just how much the moon affects us. Also, the origins of the moon have been fiercely debated for eons, but it has only been in the last couple of decades that we have come to realize how the moon formed: a giant collision. A giant planet-sized object collided with Earth early in its history, and its remnants plus the material blown off the Earth are what formed our moon. Enjoy the mix and the eclipse - if you don't want a 175MB two-hour mix (download link is next to flashing red arrow), a few of the tracks are below individually.

...but hopefully at least a few of you will play the whole mix during the eclipse, there's also some good samples and bits in there - if one of you plays it on a boombox in the desert or woods with a body full of drugs or liquor, then all the time will have been worth it. The link for the whole mix is on sendspace, though, so it won't last too long.

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China said...

Admittedly, I didn't think that "Killing Moon" cover would work. So wrong! Thanks for throwing that one in. Lovely mini-mix.